Program freeze / eradict mouse

By deseraligears
May 12, 2008
  1. Hi first as always you guys are a wealth of knowledege and help. recently I have experinced an frequent occurnace of weird behavior on my computer at work. It is connected to server. but I have put on avg 7.5 and cC my problem is. I f I am in Firefox and working on a web page for information I find it difficult to go back and forth and page down the hour glass flickers!!! Or the mouse feezes or I click on page and have to wait until the syestem takes effect. Any thoughts or information you may need I will be glad to supply. If i have not been more specefic please forgive. Hopefully the next round of questions will add some light. So bascically it seems there may be a virus hidden, but avg says clean. I may add that when i rin cc it starts and than dissappers.
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