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Program won't uninstall

By matrix86
Dec 1, 2011
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  1. Ok, so I loaned my laptop to a cousin of mine while I was gone for 2 weeks (he wanted to use it, I was going into the woods on a hiking trip, figured why not) a couple of months ago. Well, I got back and...here's the problem.

    He installed Adobe Audition on it (ok, that's fine...BUT it was pirated). I told him not to worry about it, that i'd get it off. But there's a problem...it won't uninstall. He REALLY screwed something up.

    The original installation went into Program Files (x86). He said at one point, it just stopped working. He tried to uninstall it through the regular Windows uninstall a program option, but nothing happened. When I try to do it through Windows, I get an error saying that the wizard was interrupted before it could completely uninstall.

    Not really caring, I sat around for a couple of months and have finally gotten around to wanting to get rid of this thing (yeah, I know....lazy, lol).

    I figured, ok, i'll just go back and do a system restore.......nope. I never changed the space allowcation for system restore. When he tried to remove AA, it created a restore point wiping out my previous one, and obviously, i've done one or two since then.

    I also tried running the setup wizard, and selecting "repair" instead of "remove". After that, I then tried to remove it with the same issues.

    So...how do I go about getting rid of this program? How do I find out what's interrupting the wizard from uninstalling this program? I'd really like to get it off now (starting to take up room) but i'd really prefer to NOT have to reinstall Windows 7. Getting the drivers to function right on this laptop were a pain and I do NOT want to go through it all again.

    What really gets me, is that it's working fine on his desktop (he installed it on my laptop because my laptop is faster than his desktop). He's been using it for almost a year. So this makes me think that maybe it's an issue with my laptop :confused:

    Lesson learned. Do not loan laptop to pirate hungry cousin :mad:

    Thanks for any help!

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