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By ingeborgdot
Oct 19, 2014
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  1. I'll try to explain this the best I can. A computer that I have not the one listed in any of my sigs is having a little issue. Sometimes when I turn on the computer I will open up a program the program will open but it's like it opens in slow motion as the program opens you see it slowly go into its open state. You actually see it opening. I know you can always somewhat see a program open but this is like it is in slow motion. It does this for all the programs that I open and close. This will actually go away later or sometimes if I restart it. When I go into the bios the bios is very choppy. It is an ASRock board and when I contacted them they said to reset the bios. When I did it helped but now it is doing it again. I have reset the bios again and it helped again the other day but now it is doing it again. Does this sound like a bios problem? Does anyone seem to know? I don't know how else I could explain what is happening.

    It is an ASRock Z87 Pro4, AMD XFX 7850 Vid card, GSkill ripjaws memory, Xeon E3-1220 V3, Corsair TX650 PSU, Windows 7 Pro.
  2. Russell Smith

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    Slower response indicates the issue of bad memory allocation which is related with multitasking.
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    As Russell mentioned it could be a hardware fault and re-seating your components could help, that is if they are not faulty components.

    What is your CPU, HDD, and Memory usage? If your HDD is full, it could be causing large amounts of fragmentation (not an issue on SSD's), making your PC look in several locations instead of just one location (or worse if looking for more than on file). If your Memory usage is maxed, there is a heavy read/write to Pagefile. Paging uses the slower HDD as memory allocation. Even an SSD will slow the machine down, if the machine is reliant on Paging to process memory. And during these issues Antivirus software will make things even worse as all files are scanned before used. Last but not least, if your machine is infected by a virus/malware using all your resources, all other applications will be slow to respond.

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