Programs crash on new MB

By Alendor
Jul 12, 2005
  1. hey,

    i recently purchased a new MB CPU and gig of ram, which i'm running now. however all my 3d programs crash, within seconds of starting them up. i'm running a version of windows from my old motherboard, and havn't installed a new copy with this motherboard, and i'm told that could be the problem. however, i wanted to ask if it would be something else like needing to reinstall sound, video, ect and it would work without reformatting my drive.
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    If you...

    If you have a new motherboard AND CPU, its not that it maybe the problem IT IS THE PROBLEM. Look at it this way you have the brain of a squid with the memory of a lion trapped in a wail... Do you think that poor thing is going to swim??? that is how your computer "feels" try to do an update/repair install providing you are smart and have an AMD system that maybe all you need to do, but you have been running the system and now you may have to do a fresh instal or with most Intels you will have to do a fresh instal.
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