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By moogz75 ยท 4 replies
Jul 31, 2008
  1. hi everyone im all new to this so bare with me. my pc a pentium 4 ,2.67ghz 1gb ram all of a sudden the programs are opening slow internet works fine ive cleaned the registry defraged the hd gone to msconfig uncheck the boxes i dont wont to open at start up and its still running slow WHAT THE .... CAN SOMEONE HELP ME WITH THIS
  2. woody1191

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  3. gbhall

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    How much spare space have you got? Any PC will slow up dramtically at 5% free, but still fairly sure to be a virus etc.
  4. moogz75

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    still 80gb on hd i scanned it with avast pro and malwarebytes and come up with nothing dont know what to do
  5. moogz75

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    thanks woody ill give it a go
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