Project Memex is Darpa's search engine for the Dark Web

Shawn Knight

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The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Defense Department's technology research arm, is hard at work on a project called Memex that, among other things, will make it easier to locate hidden services on the so-called Dark Web.

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I'd be interested in reading a paper on the technicals. Perhaps someone can correct me, but I was under the impression that hidden services were not inherently discoverable?

Also, Tor cannot be too pleased with this. As I understand it, I2P is now the bee's knees of anonymity and less than legal affairs. This would only put another nail in their coffin.


40 000 tor webs? maybe, but all the deepweb is not just tor, i2p or any other, there are also almost all intrapages from companies and foreign goverments, who are contected to the web but blocked or not indexed, so DARPA is trying to acces the North korea and russia intranet thats for sure, I doubt they will work with law enforcement to catch small child p**n sites, oh and remember local shared services like samba shared folders, can be indexed using that technology, because if they are going to index everything is using the ipv6 topology feature, so I hope everyone has their nude pics, on local encrypted drives with long really long passwords, btw linux and mac users need to fear it too.


Interestingly Memex is malay (or indonesian) crass words for Vagina
Unfortunately the Tor network has become notorious for child exploitation and not just your average torrent downloading.


Seems growth is their biggest enemy. Even with everyones bandwidth hobbled, their web ticks and trackers arent able to crawl through every orifice and siphon data fast enough. Must be a headache.