Protecting A External with antivirus, while on a non protected pc.

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Jun 4, 2008
  1. I took out my one hard drive and put it in an encloser to use it like an external hd. Also i wanted to use it for like pc repair back ups on other pc's. IS it possible to have an antivirus protect it, if i hook it up to a non-protected pc. For Example, Like a non-protected laptop infected with viruses, so i can put someones backup stuff on my hard drive, without infecting my external with viruses. Is this possible? I don't think it is.
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    Can be done, and you can create a script to run if you need too.
  3. tipstir

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    How it's done!

    I've just tested this on one of my external HDD that I made using CompUsa external USB 2.0 case.

    #1. Download: AVAST! Cleaner (doesn't have to be installed)


    (Dr Cureit (this one is full blown but doesn't need to be installed but it has nag ads to buy the full version)

    #2.Download: (autorunpro.exe)

    #3. Unzip the files to your USB 2.0 HDD and copy #1 to your USB 2.0 HDD also

    #4. Edit autorun.inf script

    ;action=AutoRunPro.exe (used with vista, not needed with XP (;) disables it
    ; action new for Vista!

    ; Here are some sample uses for Autorunpro. It keeps processing Them in Run1..RunN order until it doesnt find one. (..) disable the commands
    Run1=aswclnr.exe this runs the anti-virus scanner AVAST! Cleaner
    Run5..=" have an Autorun Question"

    #5. Test unplug the USB HDD then plug in back in.. You should be prompted to run the Autorunpro.exe and then you're set.

    You can get fancy and make this if you want instead.$RDAM.asp


    Note everything I've shown you here is 100% free!
  4. PCTechie316

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    thanks, ill try it
  5. PCTechie316

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    the auto run for the avast scanner will not run for some reason after i put the script in.
  6. tipstir

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    save the below as autorun.inf (you should have autorunpro.exe, autorun.inf aswclnre.exe all in the root of your HDD drive. Not in any folder as it won't run.

    remove the stuff so now copy below and paste it into notepad and then save it as: autorun.inf

    ; action new for Vista!


    If you have problem let me know.. I got it to work, you should be able to unless you have autorun disabled on your box.
  7. PCTechie316

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    2 partitions

    I got it now, my kaspersky was not allowing it to run.
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