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Jun 10, 2008
  1. I dont know if anyone here can help but I have GTA IV for ps3 and I looked on the back of the case and it says it runs in 1080p. My tv will say its in 1080p when the ps3 main screen comes up but once i start the game it will switch to 720i. I know the only other games I have had 720i written on the back of the case so I was never worried about the picture switching. Do i have to adjust settings for my ps3 or something? Or could it be my TV?
  2. rmdl51

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    which cable are you using? HDMI? if yes then there's a settings section on the PS3 where you can adjust among other things your video output which have to match the cable and appropiate resolution, if you are no using HDMI then probably that's the reason, I've heard (not that I tried myself) that component cables won't work at 1080p with games that are 1080p, however I'm not sure about this. also some TV's are tricky when they receive signals from HDMI, I remember having to modify some settings on a friends tv to make it at max resolution, BTW which model is your TV?
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    I forced 1080p in the settings menu of the PS3 and run GTA @ 1080p on my 32" 1080p TV... the game IMO looks identical running @ 720 or 1080. The bottom line is that 720p is all you need.
  4. munch2477

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    Ok thats what I thought. My television is a Sharp LCD probably around 52" (I'm not sure about the exact model but I can find out if you think it matters). It's hooked up through an HDMI cable also. I tried playing with some settings through the PS3 menu for a minute or two but it did not work. What were the specific settings you used to force the 1080p? I want to see if it makes a difference on a larger TV. I don't think its the TV anyway because I noticed that when the PS3 starts up it will be in 1080p but when I start the game the TV will switch to 720p.
  5. Sharkfood

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    GTA-IV does not run at 1080p... it doesn't even run at 720p/i either. It's much, much lower resolution than either of those as you can clearly see by the edge artifacting and pixelation it experiences.

    When you adjust the PS3's video mode capabilities, all you are doing is deciding between your HDTV or the PS3 being the one doing the up-scaling to fit 720 or 1080 lines. The game is only rendering a fraction of that and the PS3 is upscaling to fit the desired output resolution.

    You'll have to be the judge of which performs the best upscaling- but most of the time, it's the TV or monitor that upscales cleaner than the PS3 doing the upscaling.
  6. rmdl51

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    I'm sorry but I have to politely disagree with you, the pixelation the game experiences doesn't mean it's not a 1080p or 720p game.

    I might agree probably is not 1080p but since I can't count the pixels and progressive lines in the game I would not dare to affirm is not a 1080p, otherwise false advertisement on the rear of the box could lead to a lawsuit against rockstar.

    If you affirm it's much lower than a 720p this means the game has lower resolution than a 1024x768 monitor which is also false since the game graphics are true high definition with faces, landscaping, and many more things I can quote that will surely prove the game have a pretty high resolution.

    I think the pixelation could be due the lack of an anti-aliasing feature of somewhere between the rendering process, and this is barely noticeable on a small HDTV (32"-37") but still the 720 or 1080 progressive lines are there creating the right amount of pixels, however it looks like it doesn't create it for every part of the game which is when you notice this issue.

    I don't mean to start arguing about this concept, I'm just trying to clarify to our friend who start this thread and avoid get him confused.
  7. munch2477

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    So are you guys saying that there is no point in trying to fix it so that it is in 1080p? Will the difference be unnoticable? I figured I have a big 52" LCD HD tv at 1080p and i might as well use its features.
  8. rmdl51

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    People told me that they can't notice the difference between 720p and 1080p, and somehow I believe them because both resolutions looks great, but if you are like me: "why buying a 1080p if I'm gonna be using 720p only" then you can try to get your stuff working the way it should.

    I have a samsung 50" plasma, is 720p/1080i and I always use 1080i (when available) since the interlace seems to help the sharpness of the image, to me I do notice the difference, and also notice when I watch a true 1080p from another tv and compare it to my 1080i tv, but you have to really pay attention to the details and if you are relatively close to a +50" TV you can surely notice.

    It's like the new 120hz! my family says they don't see any difference, but hell there's a huge difference for me!!! I can stare and drool at the store with this image at 1080p with 120hz, but well that's another subject.

    my humble opinion is to you get your stuff working the way you want until you are happy with it, at the end that's why we buy entertainment devices.
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