ps3 or xbox 360 wich one do u think is better

By jtickner1 · 25 replies
Jul 12, 2006
  1. personally i think the ps3 will be much better than the xbox 360, its looks tougher the games look tougher, the controller of the 360 feels like crap and iv just prefferd sony over microsoft since the release of the ps2 and the xbox,

    i just wanted to no what console would be prefferd out there
  2. ChiCubs05

    ChiCubs05 TS Rookie Posts: 32

    im opposite, ive been an xbox fan all the way through. ive modded both my xbox and my ps2 and even before the mods i would say the xbox was better. i own a 360 and its awesome, i have no idea how it only cost $400. the sony is supposed to be listed from $500-$600 which is pricy imo. hands down im going with the 360...even though the ps3 will come equipped with a blu-ray dvd player :)
  3. jtickner1

    jtickner1 Topic Starter

    yeah i always the xbox was better than the ps2 but i just prefferd the ps2 over the xbox i mean the xbox did have some pretty tough games but the ps2 had lush games aswell like killzone and gran turismo
  4. ChiCubs05

    ChiCubs05 TS Rookie Posts: 32

    halo....halo :)
  5. jtickner1

    jtickner1 Topic Starter

    uhh no not halo...halo 2

    nah they were good for multiplayer and thats it
  6. Stefchu (PoLsKa

    Stefchu (PoLsKa TS Rookie Posts: 99


    Sorry about all those XBOX fans out there, but i think the PS3 is better. First of all, many people say that PS3 has better games and stuff. PS3 also has much more memory. And...if you're an RPG fan, PS3 is for yopu, there are barely any RPG's on XBOX except Fable. If you're a shoot 'em up fan, XBOX 360 is for you. If you like games like The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, XBOX 360 will have much more than that.
    Personally, I would get a PS3 beacuse i'm an RPG fan, but I still enjoy some good XBOX games.

    PS3= RPG

    XBOX 360= shoot 'em up

    PS: Lots of Xbox games are also on PC because Microsoft makes bothe XBOX and PC.
  7. skitzo_zac

    skitzo_zac TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 418

    well I'm still kinda undecided! i like both consoles. first of all the PS3 is only just a litlle but better than the 360. and they both have games and franchises that appeal to me. but the main problem is $$$$$ i have no source of income so wen i do get a "next gen" console they wont really be "next gen" they will be the current gen and the next gen will be the new technologies coming out for PC's!
  8. Stefchu (PoLsKa

    Stefchu (PoLsKa TS Rookie Posts: 99

    dont forget that the PS3 will have a blu-ray dvd player, and the xbox wont, really it depends on what kind of games you like
  9. Rage_3K_Moiz

    Rage_3K_Moiz Sith Lord Posts: 5,443   +38

    X360 will have HD-DVD BTW. It all boils down to how much cash u have and how much ur willing to spend on a particular system. Performance-wise, the X360's 3 cores outperform the PS3 and games such as Halo 3 and Gears of War show promise. Also, would u prefer to spend $400 on an X360 or $600 on a PS3, seeing that Sony's online multiplayer service is not even close to Xbox Live. X360 is already out and will definitely drop in price later on, making it a more attractive console to buy.
  10. Stefchu (PoLsKa

    Stefchu (PoLsKa TS Rookie Posts: 99

  11. CTech

    CTech TS Rookie

    I am a PS3 fan. Xbox 360 uses DVD and no Blue Ray.... a dvd can hold around 8gb well thats good.......................but blue ray can hold upto 50gb so just imagine the amount of detail there will be with PS3 games.I already have a PS3 thts why i like it. PS3 has the graphics card made by nVidia which is the best and 1000times better than ATi and Xbox 360 has the graphics card made by ATi.
  12. mopar man

    mopar man TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 1,379

    I can't help liking the PS3 more, for one reason: The controller. When I am playing on an Xbox/360, I feel like I have a bulky box in my hands. I love the feel of the PSX/2/3 controllers.

    Another thing is that most games I play on consoles come out on Playsation, such as RPG, some Shoot em Up's, and games like Guitar Hero(come out on both, though). The fact that I play fps's on pc is most likely why I dont need an xbox.
  13. Myzz617

    Myzz617 TS Maniac Posts: 369

    Ok i agree with other people that the PS3 is better.

    A debate forum :D

    First i have always said technology takes time, IMO the PS3 got that edge it was the last system to come out. Like sum1 already said Nvidia developed its processor ATI did the 360. The 360 been out since 05 so developers know how to take advantage of its components. Developers dont know how to make games that will show the PS3's components yet because they have not had time. why dio u think games like ghost recon keep getting pused back and rainbow 6 vegas??? Only reason why the 360 online is better is because its been out takes heart for someone to win the long race..

    Next if price is appealing thats like the Wii issue because these cheap ignorant people see price as being attractive and dont know the tech specs of a system which means they dont do homework.

    Microsoft rips people off $400 for the 360, a sucky hard drive before the Elite came out and still no BUILT in HD-DVD in any of their systems. So basically if you want the 360's full power you are going to come out your pocket just like you would for the PS3. Just because the price is right does not mean the system is great. IMO the Wii sucks, no "Next Gen" features.

    PS3 has the most recent technology which IMO makes it better in which only time can tell.
  14. JimShady23

    JimShady23 TS Maniac Posts: 373


    If you have use for a Blue-Ray player, then PS3 is the way to go...At roughly $500 for a stand alone Blue-Ray player, you are only really paying $100 for the gaming aspect of the PS3.

    On the otherhand I heard that the PS3 has a lot of room for expantion while the 360 is kinda running out of options.

    I say screw them both and get a Wii atleast you can get a workout playing it :D
  15. Myzz617

    Myzz617 TS Maniac Posts: 369

    Jim is lazy...The gym and football keep me from buying a Wii but if i can get mi hands on it 4 free then i wud have no prob...PS3 has a lot of innovation invested into it :)
  16. MMDominator88

    MMDominator88 TS Rookie Posts: 119

    U would pay roughly the same price for the 360 w/HD DVD player as the PS3 (which includes the Blu-Ray player already !!)
  17. JimShady23

    JimShady23 TS Maniac Posts: 373


  18. Myzz617

    Myzz617 TS Maniac Posts: 369

    3 PS3's= 1800. Lol i know u have seen my forum for building a gaming rig. Just bought the Antec900 today, I am thinking of buying the PSU and Mobo next.

    PS3, im just a sony fan and ima own the 360Elite prolly in like 2-3months, gotta buy my PS3 games first. Ima prolly buy my younger siblings the Wii cuz it is cheap and they like videogames like their bigg bro.
  19. Aolish

    Aolish TS Enthusiast Posts: 171

    Even tho I don't have either. If i had the money i would most likely go with the 360. The 360 right now is just the better value, since its been out longer there are more games, the 360 LIVE is unmatched imo, the PS3 online just can't match with the 360 right now. Also I love how people can purchase classic games like SF2 and play them on LIVE.
  20. JimShady23

    JimShady23 TS Maniac Posts: 373


    Ok maybe 4 PS3's then....
  21. CTech

    CTech TS Rookie

    well PS3 online is free u gotta pay for xbox live
  22. Mikey215

    Mikey215 TS Rookie

    ever since i got my ps3 i havent really played with my xbox360 i mean i have more games for my xbox360 but you cant do so much more i stream movies on my ps3 so i can watch them on my HD tv wirelessly (i would have to pay 100$ to do that on xbox360) i also stream vid on my Desktop using a network i love my ps3 its the best only till halo 3 comes out tho lol and with the new undate for ps3 all normal dvd are HD becuz of the HD upscaler
  23. Myzz617

    Myzz617 TS Maniac Posts: 369

    Yea i dont even bother 2 surf online with my PS3....the browser is not that attractive 2 me...But over time the PS3 will prevail IMO....but certain games like GRAW2 and C&C3 provoke me 2 buy the elite!
  24. bluediamondfox

    bluediamondfox TS Rookie

    Say technicaly, the ps3 is better, but let´s put that aside, I mean it doesn´t matter in the end the processor, memory, or interface... as the way I see the things, is just:
    Wii=Controls interface
    360=Online gaming
    PS3=Movie like games
    I really like PS3 graphics...but then again i really like 360 online gaming...and it happend that i do like the new-gamestyle that the wii have... in the end i like all the consoles awww..........
  25. magiclight

    magiclight TS Enthusiast Posts: 66

    The ps3 is slighly better, but it costs $500 more... so im with 360
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