PS5 is outselling Xbox Series 3-to-1, now surpassing 50 million units sold

In my opinion, there are 2 major issues with Microsoft and their gaming arm.They are,
1. No exclusive titles for Xbox. Essentially what is released for Xbox are mostly, if not all on PC as well. So if I have a PC, I might as well just use the money to upgrade my PC than to buy a separate console

2. The game studios that MS acquired to me are on the downward trend. Take Activision Blizzard for example. Sure they still produce games that allow MS to make money from in game sales, etc. But are the games any good? Not really for me. Even with Bethesa under their belt, I actually don't see any successful games.

The reason I went for a Series X back then was because I can't get a PS5 and wanted a console that I can use primarily as a 4K Bluray player. Not so much for the games.