PS5 sold nearly twice as many units in 2020 as XBSX


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Timed exclusives from third party is different story. From first party only one game has been ported.
That's fair enough. But Sony is not going to leave more income on the table by excluding the PC market. They are including the PC more and more.

Selling hardware at a loss while gaining back the cost with games and services means a shorter return on investment with a larger market. That means that if you can easily port the games to PC, it's worth the investment, especially because the PC doesn't really directly compete with the consoles.


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PS5 + PC is basically the ultimate combo, You get all the Xbox exclusives anyway on PC (and at higher quality) and Sony have absolutely killer Exclusives.

Was just going to post same thing, although truly the ultimate combo is PC with game pass + PS5 + Switch. You miss out on nothing.

I do wish we could go beyond having platform exclusives but that will never happen.