Psguard - Annoying Malware

By Demolition49
Sep 14, 2005
  1. I have been attacked by malware psguard and have used all anti - spyware that is recoomemeded to get rid of it.

    adaware se personal
    nornton 2004

    I have been attacked by this before but i was formatting my pc so it didnt really occour to me how to get rid of it. I left my on all night after fomatting it (connected to internet) forgetting i had not installed nornton and i woke up to see my computer infected with psguard again...

    Symptoms ..

    Ps guard automatically starts up at boot up.
    Wallpaper change (warning you comp might be infected with spyware/adware)

    i would appriciate it if any could help me with this tricky piece of software.
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