PUBG maker reveals upcoming Sims-like game with realistic Unreal Engine 5 graphics

Daniel Sims

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Something to look forward to: The Sims 4 is almost a decade old, and no competitor has challenged the franchise as seriously as Cities: Skylines has. Meanwhile, the company behind the immensely popular PUBG, is drawing much attention upon the unveiling of InZoi, a new life simulation game with a distinct visual style that could help it shake up the genre.

Krafton revealed its latest project at the G-Star 2023 summit in Busan, South Korea. Called InZoi, the life simulator features gameplay similar to The Sims but uses Unreal Engine 5 to present far more realistic graphics.

InZoi has players manage the lives of avatars called InZois, similar to the eponymous characters in The Sims. They can form relationships with other avatars, have jobs, and engage in other activities. The official trailer shows actions like convenience store work, firefighting, karaoke, and more.

Players can also control the environment by customizing buildings, changing the urban landscape, and altering the weather. Furthermore, the character creator contains an enormous selection of physical and clothing options. Although InZoi remains deep in development, Krafton hosted playable demos at G-Star and allowed influencers to post gameplay videos (above).

The game caught notice largely due to its impressively realistic graphics, with highly detailed characters and heavy use of real-time reflections. The number of UE5 games on the market remains small, but InZoi could be one of the engine's most ambitious showcases. However, while the visuals could help differentiate Krafton's project from The Sims, it will likely result in astronomically high PC system requirements in comparison.

In an internal interview (above), Krafton said InZoi has been in development for around a year. The company welcomes comparisons to The Sims but hopes the new project can stand out from EA's best-selling franchise.

InZoi is scheduled for release sometime next year, but Krafton has yet to disclose on which platforms and whether the game will be free-to-play like The Sims 4.

Nine years have passed since The Sims 4 launched, but EA has said very little about the next major installment in the series. Earlier this year, the company confirmed that an upcoming Sims project would be free-to-play but wouldn't be named The Sims 5. EA wants that next game to offer an alternate way of playing The Sims, coexisting with The Sims 4 instead of replacing it. InZoi could appeal to players searching for the next technological leap in the life sim genre.

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Kitty is adorable!
Unreal 5 is the most amazing software of the last 5 years.
You can see the jump from anything we had before it.
If I still played FIFA, I would like to see this quality of graphics
in their next game.

I will not be getting this game, but I would love to have character creator of this quality in a survival game.
They did a beautiful job there.
Already is showing signs of being better than The Sims, but that's not very hard to do. The Sims has set the bar so low you can practically trip over it.
That play-through cracked me up. I feel bad for the male character who is stuck in that rat race of a life. They should have a vacation mod/option so the players don't suicide.
I'm not a fan of games that focus on graphics relaism, but this game really took the graphics to the next level. There are some parts where it didn't impress that much, but outdoor lighting on the sims are impressive.
They have GOT to change the name for international release or it's going to be DOA.

It looks interesting, but the Hype Machine is a thing, and one of the things you've got to have is a catchy name.

I do understand that it's a Korean dev and it probably makes sense to them, but they clearly haven't thought beyond that, about the global market. "The Sims" makes sense, at least after a bit of time. "Life By You" makes sense. "InZoi" makes zero sense and no-one is going to have even a flicker of interest.

Maybe they aren't targeting users outside of Asia, who knows.
That'll probably bomb,

the sims isn't famous for its graphics, its been played for so long because its fun, quirky and can be ran on a rock. if the competitor needs an expensive rig to back itself then the sims has nothing to worry about.
The Sims is moddable, that's why it remains very popular, Paradox is working on their equivalent Life By You which they also boast will be moddable.

If it can't be modded it will be DOA.