Quantum dot displays may be the future of HDTVs

By David Tom ยท 18 replies
Sep 13, 2013
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  1. As with most electronic devices, the industry moves fast. TVs are no exception and have quickly progressed from cathode ray tubes to the popular LED displays of today. Although many have pointed to 3D technology as the next big thing,...

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  2. wastedkill

    wastedkill TS Evangelist Posts: 1,423   +350

    The only people that pointed towards 3D technology as the next big thing are people with enough money in their pocket to purchase a few jets other than that 3D technology is completely useless like a corpse on a sunny day.
  3. MilwaukeeMike

    MilwaukeeMike TS Evangelist Posts: 2,886   +1,222

    Not to be a cynic , but if something sounds too good to be true, that's because it is. Brighter, Better, more colorful, low power, and cheap? Well.. maybe not cheap, no word on that yet. Maybe that'll be the catch.
  4. 9Nails

    9Nails TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,215   +177

    I welcome lower priced larger displays. But as to QDLED's, I'll wait until something hits the shelf to see if the promise ever gets delivered.
  5. Vrmithrax

    Vrmithrax TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,352   +293

    Based on what I've read (been keeping tabs on quantum dots since they first "discovered" the phenomena a while ago)... The manufacturing techniques, once someone gets them going and refines them a little, are potentially much simpler and cheaper. I'm sure the first ones will be premium priced, just like every other new technology when it hits the market, but this has the potential to give us much larger screens for lower prices, once they are mainstream.
  6. Tekkaraiden

    Tekkaraiden TS Evangelist Posts: 997   +93

    Sounds interesting.
  7. GunsAblazin

    GunsAblazin TS Enthusiast Posts: 75

    If there are so many benefits why aren't they already being made? There's got to be a catch; they probably haven't figured out how to actually make one yet, lol.
  8. Jad Chaar

    Jad Chaar Elite Techno Geek Posts: 6,515   +974

    Definitely has potential.
  9. MrAnderson

    MrAnderson TS Maniac Posts: 488   +10

    I look forward to seeing first hand what this new technology can do. I'm glad it is better for the environment and requires less rare materials too.
  10. Railman

    Railman TS Booster Posts: 708   +101

    Would this technology give similar results with existing technology? Can we expect 4k screens with decent frame rates at reasonable cost?
  11. Sherlock

    Sherlock TS Rookie

    QDLED Lighting has already made its' initial commercial appearance via studio lighting by 2 different commercial fresnel manufacturers ( here's one of them: molerichardsoncompany.wordpress.com/tag/quantum-dot-led-fresnel/ ) & there is every reason to believe that is only the start of much-wider mainstream QD apps in the lighting sector.
  12. Sherlock

    Sherlock TS Rookie

    Already here: engadget.com/2013/01/14/sony-triluminos-quantum-dot-qdvision/
  13. Sherlock

    Sherlock TS Rookie

    LOL ?
    Besides the other now-commercialized QD display & lightings apps I've already outlined , try LOL at Google , who just got their patent formally approved for the primary optics component in their new much-publicized Google Glasses...to wit; "Quantum Dot Near-to-Eye Display": google.com/patents/US8508830
  14. GunsAblazin

    GunsAblazin TS Enthusiast Posts: 75

    What I meant was besides it being "relatively easy to commercialize" and it's "reduced inherent manufacturing costs" no company has yet to bring it to the public. The "LOL" was to the television manufacturing companies, not the technology.
  15. GunsAblazin

    GunsAblazin TS Enthusiast Posts: 75

  16. GunsAblazin

    GunsAblazin TS Enthusiast Posts: 75

  17. Sherlock

    Sherlock TS Rookie

    Check....the World is Flat.....gotcha' ;(
  18. Sherlock

    Sherlock TS Rookie

    I see, so Engadget lied[?]...I reckon' that must mean their QDot supplier lied too[?]: http://www.qdvision.com/in-the-news
    I reckon' this Chinese QDot-enhanced TV manufacturer lied as well[?]: http://www.hisense.cn/en/news/atct_1/201309/t20130909_84896.html
    And for more on the subject: http://www.ledsmagazine.com/article...es-ships-in-led-backlit-lcd-tvs-magazine.html
    And this is only the beginning...next-gen QD-tech like this, is on the way: http://www.nature.com/ncomms/journal/v3/n6/full/ncomms1916.html?WT.ec_id=NCOMMS-20120619
  19. Sherlock

    Sherlock TS Rookie

    Update 6/9/14
    In addition to manufacturers already mentioned, a growing list of companies are adopting 'and using' QDot display tech at an accelerated rate , as was clearly verified in PR's released at last weeks SID2014 conference in San Diego...to wit;

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