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By torrenter
Nov 22, 2006
  1. I've noticed something a bit strange when burning with Nero... I wanted to make a Data DVD and have always selected UDF format, and selected start multisession or continue multisession with DVD-RWs as I wanted to always be able to update the data. Am I right here? If so, I have a couple of problems:

    1) One DVD I have it says that it contains 3.25GB of data in Windows Explorer, yet in Nero Burning ROM, when wanting to add data, the bar at the bottom (in green AND yellow) says I have a total size of 5094MB on disc. I may have 'continued' multisession twice here but why does Nero think I have more data here, when I clearly don't??

    2) Another DVD I have when I have updated it; well now I am not sure as to whether Windows Explorer or Nero is recognising it or not. Explorer says it is in CDFS format? And that it only has 253MB on it when it should have 3.75GB of mp3s!

    I don't what's happened recently, whether I've done anything wrong, but can anyone help please?
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