Question about setting up a slave drive when windows wont boot.

By Southtwnr
Jan 7, 2005
  1. Hello everyone,
    I recently experienced a problem with my XP program and was told that I would have to wipe my hard drive out and start out clean. Unfortunately, I have some recent vacation photos that I REALLY dont want to loose!
    Somebody suggested I buy a new hard drive use it as my master drive and use my old drive as a slave. This way I could transfer all my photos to the new drive and burn them to disk
    My question is mainly this: If my old drive couldnt boot up windows, will I be able to access it as a slave?

    I am open to suggestions if there is another way to go about this. I do have a laptop, but I was told I cant just hok the two together and transfer data :knock:

    Please help
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