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Apr 15, 2014
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  1. So newegg is offering the Acer 29" B6 B296CLbmlidprz IPS monitor for about 350. Seems like a pretty good deal but I can't find many reviews on it. I was wondering if anybody had any experience with this monitor and/or if you guys have better options for someone who is looking for an IPS monitor below 400 bucks. I want to game with it as well as do some 3d modeling and photoshop work. So I need reasonable response time for gaming. I was also looking at the HP ZR2440w and was gonna get that until I saw this deal on newegg for a larger monitor. 24" models are fine but if there are good deals on some 27" inch ones then I would be interested in those as well. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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  2. boagz

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  3. Jad Chaar

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    Be careful with that 29" monitor though, it is a 21:9 aspect ratio. It is more for professional use and people who like to heavily multitask. I say that because I have heard that games do not scale well to 21:9 and look widened.

    It is a great deal if you arent gaming, but if you are gaming 24"-27" is the way to go (16:9 aspect ratio).
  4. boagz

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    Oh wow good point. Alright well everyone can disregard that first half of my question then lol.
  5. Jad Chaar

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    I remember someone telling me a few months back that games didnt scale well. I am not sure if that is still the case or if it was even the case (he could have been picky and was looking for problems), but I would just play it safe and go with a 16:9 monitor.


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