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Aug 17, 2004
  1. I notice that some advertise dot pitch and others diagonal pitch, or something like that. What is the relationship with the two, if there is one, and what features should I look for in choosing a 17 or 19" crt?

    thx - Sam
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    Dot pitch is the number of lighting spots (dots) per inch. The more dots, the sharper the picture. A decent monitor (CRT that is) has about 25-30 dpi.

    With diagonal they mean the distance between two opposing (diagonal or cross-wise) corners. A 19" CRT has a distance of 19" between those 2 corners, but since part of the picture-tube is hidden behind the bezel (or frame) you will only have about 18" visible, also expressed as 18" VIS.
    A 17" will have just under 16" VIS.
    So, bigger is better.
    If you want a CRT, look for a flat screen, SONY and some EIZO/NANAO use Trinitron tubes (which in my personal opinion are the best). Misubishi tubes are called Flatron and are almost identical.
    There are only a few CRT-tube manufacturers, that's why some screens from different brands look almost identical.
    In a 19" look for a possible resolution of 1600x1200 (if you are a gamer) and a refreshing rate of at least 85x per second.
    The monitor is your most important PC equipment, so don't skimp on the price here. Your eyes will thank you for it.
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    Thanks for the reply. When you say, "the more dots, the sharper the picture, you mean that a smaller dot pitch (Ex. 22 vs 28) is better, no?

  4. Nodsu

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    realblackstuff is wrong.

    Dot pitch is the distance between two phosphor dotts on your monitor. The smaller that is the better.
    Diagonal pitch is the same thing measured diagonally.
  5. RealBlackStuff

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    My apologies, I got definitions of images and printers mixed up with screens.

    I aslo seemed to have been referring to the CRT trio pitch (which is larger than dot pitch) instead of the CRT dot pitch, the first applies to Trinitron tubes, the latter to other screens.

    So yes, .22 dot pitch is better than .28

    The rest of my post still applies, although it was not the answer you were looking for. Hope it was helpful anyway.

    CRTs are normally faster in response times than flatscreen LCDs, although these (LCD-responses) are coming down fast now.
    CRTs give a "warmer" clearer picture, but are bulkier by nature.
    If you have the space, go for a 19" or 21/22". Prices are really good for these sizes.
  6. fistdog

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