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Jun 4, 2007
  1. I'm trying to setup a small FTP site on my desktop at home. Simply using the MS IIS i've gotten everything setup. Now my problem comes in when I try to access it from outside the network. The desktop has an ethernet connection to a DLink DI-634M router. I have set up the virtual server side of the router to connect the ftp traffic to the desktop. Unfortunately, I'm unable to get any connection to it from outside the network. The router says my WAN address is then i went to, and i tried using what it said....but still...nothing. Anyone have any suggestions.
  2. Nodsu

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    Are you trying to connect from your own network? Many routers are unable to do loopback connections and it may be impossible for you to connect to your own WAN IP. Use some other internet connection or a proxy server to test your FTP.
  3. quez26

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    The connection from within the LAN is fine...But when I try to Connect from any computer from outside the lan, it won't connect. It says it can't connect to the server. Now...Using my internet IP, it won't connect. And the WAN address on the router is a private IP. I thought that it should reflect my actual IP.
  4. gguerra

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    The 192 IP address you gave is a private address and is not accessable from the outside.. If youo want to get your true WAN IP the router has to have a status screen (from browser) or go to and look at the top of the screen, that is your true WAN IP. You will still have to open up port 21 so that your router will allow entry..
  5. copymonster

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    Does that mean you forwarded port 21?

    Normally when your on the internet it works like this

    Internet ----> Computer (ip address example

    But so you can share the internet what it does it runs all the internet traffic through a router which tells all the data where to go

    Internet -----> Router (ip address ----->Your computer (

    The is your WAN address or just think of it as how the rest of the world sees you

    You see yourself with your LAN address the and so do all the people who are connected to you inside your network

    So when your lets say at an office and you want to connect to your FTP your going to try and connect to, because it is impossible for you to connect to some other networks lan address (you can but not important). So instead your router needs to forward the ftp request to your LAN address to do that you have to set up "Port Forwarding". It simple means that anyone trying to use FTP on your network will look to your computer and not some other computer on your network

    ok, unless you changed it your default router ip address for a DLink DI-634M is ... type that into a browser.... if that doesnt work try

    I don't know where the port forwarding section is on the DLINK... i have a linksys router but it shouldn't be hard to find. it might be labeled as "services" or "service ports" or "port forwarding" or something similar. Forward port 21 to and you should be gold. Also router "status" page should tell you your wan ip address
  6. jobeard

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    well said!

    also be aware that FTP uses two ports, 21 and 20.
    to avoid the complexity this creates, the user attempting access to an FTP
    can use the PASV command to avoid the need for port 20 altogether.
  7. Nodsu

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    Port 20 is used as the source port for outgoing connections and you almost never have to think about it. Only the strictest firewall setups ever look at source ports of TCP traffic (since these are supposed to be random anyway).

    Now, since it says it cannot connect to your WAN IP, maybe your ISP is blocking incoming connections?

    Also, what program are you using to connect? IE (or any other browser) is totally useless. Try a real FTP client to get sensible diagnostic messages - even the Windows command line thing would do.
  8. jobeard

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    Then the admin will need to port forward both ports 20 & 21 to the server ip.
  9. gguerra

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    Also, I dont think it was mentioned yet and is probably the most obvious check your firewall. XP has one built in and many internet security apps have them such as Norton Internet Security.. You should turn these OFF and let your d-Link handle the firewall tasks
  10. Nodsu

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    Please. Have you ever set up a FTP server behind a router? I have.
    Maybe post a link backing up your mantra?
  11. jobeard

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    oops; I got the direction wrong. port 20 needs outbound access.
    it's been a while.

    for clarity, see the graphic here

    thanks for the correction.
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