Question PC Build questions - GPU,Gaming Monitor,RAM,SSD,Case,PSU,Free-Sync,G-Sync.


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Hi Experts,

I am new to PC Build and live in India. I have few questions around it. I am not in a hurry and also I can wait for 6-8 months, if there is any new component that’s planned to be released in the near future. Please guide me with the below questions.

My Budget:
Only PC
- INR (approx. 75000rs). In US Dollar its $1000.
Monitor – INR (30000rs). In US Dollar its $400.

My Purpose:
  • System should boot fast and should be smooth enough to handle daily activities like Microsoft Word, PPT, Excel, Copying files, Web browsing etc.
  • I need to connect my PC with at least 2 monitors (1 Primary and another screen for multi-tasking-can be laptop screen as well).
  • I want to play games like Far Cry 5, GTA 5, Battlefield 3, Assassin's creed and any other games similar to that. (I am not a pro gamer or regular player).
  • I do not do any video editing works.

Specs I think that I might need:
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600
  • GPU: GTX 1660 Super or GTX 1660Ti or RTX 2060 or AMD RX 5700 (Not sure which one to pick)
  • RAM: 8+8GB DDR4 or 16+16GB DDR4 (Not sure if 8+8 is sufficient for my use)
  • SSD: 250GB SATA SSD or 250GB M.2 NVME (Not sure which one to pick)
  • HDD: 1TB 7200 rpm SATA3 (I might add another 1TB later)
  • Motherboard: ATX. It would be great if it has a built in Wifi/Bluetooth. Should contain all required ports based on my purpose. Should be capable for upgrading at later stage. (Not sure if I need to look at some other specs).
  • Power Supply: 80 Plus PSU with 550W or more (Not sure if 550W is sufficient)
  • Case: Full ATX case with better cooling system. (Not sure if I need to look at some other specs).
  • Monitor: 1440p IPS panel with 120Hz/144Hz display, assuming the game will run at more than 70 FPS. (Not sure if Free-Sync monitor can be used with NVIDIA GPU). I prefer Free-SYNC monitor as it’s cheap.

Please guide me on the above specs where I mentioned “Not sure”

Other questions I have:

  • Can I connect my PC with multiple monitors as I am not using an integrated graphics card?
  • If I pick any of the GPU that I mentioned above, can I use it for another 5-6 years at least?
  • I know that only G-Sync/Free-sync are the only options available to get a smooth gameplay if my FPS and refresh rates are not same. Considering this, can I buy a Free-sync monitor with NVIDIA GPU? What is the best monitor you would recommend? What all ports I need in a monitor?
  • Do I need a separate cooling fan or the one comes with case is sufficient ?

Thanks for your response!!


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There will be at least three major announcements in next 6-8 months:

- AMD Zen3 CPU
- AMD RDNA2 based GPU's
- Nvidia 3000 series GPU's

So it's very advisable to wait until those are released. At least they will drive prices of current parts down.