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Feb 20, 2006
  1. I have a few questions concerning the cpu watts specifications:
    - First is that when I bought the cases that included the PS(power supply) of 435watts and I was wondering if thats the watts that's going to use ALL when my cpu is running...if not then what does the 435watts mean??? it can go up that much or what??? I need clear explanation on this.......
    -Also for an example, I have a 7800 256mb with 450watts, running on a PS with 435, is it going to do damage to my cpu??? Is it going to run well since the watts on the video card is 450watts and my PS is 435watts???(since I don't have enough watts to support it). I'm mainly confuse about the watts for the cpu and video card, since they don't have enough to support the video card...

    Just few question I have concerning my cpu, if you guys can help me out thats great :)

    thanks techspot
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    450Watts is the recommened power supply output for that 7800 card, not the power it will consume. A rule of thumb is that no name PSU's (the kind which came in your case) run at 70% of the rated (label) power. The rated power is peak output. So your 435W is really only putting out 0.7X435= 304 Watts.

    If you use the power calculators Peddant gave you you'll see that that 304W is not enough.
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    short answer. No. your computer won't be able to use all 435w of power because NO power supply actually delivers the rated wattage. You lose power to heat loss. The most efficient power supplies run at 85 to 90% efficiency. So factor this in when buying a PSU.
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    Sweet ^_^ thanks guys, my cpu only use 304watts..awesome

    much thanks!!!!!
    btw i got the video card today WOOT
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