Questions on a GD8000

By kmriei
Feb 14, 2018
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  1. Seeking some insights for a GD8000 that has an ssd of 120gb; wondering if a hdd of say 1tb can be used in it? also, whether an external hard drive can be used with the GD8000? in addition, can the ram be increased to 8gb of ram? and can one add an external camera for skping, etc.? What I am interested in knowing is it something I could do? or do you need a tech expert to do it, meaning does it require some extra effort of manipulation?
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    Trophies Awarded to kmriei for first message/question. And thanks Cycloid Torus for your input.
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    My current laptop is a 'big name' and is over 5 years old. Service manual is readily available from maker who also still provides (very expensive) upgrades. The upgrades so offered can be found 'used' for 1/4 or less. I paid $26 plus $14 shipping from a high rated used equipment seller on eBay. It was listed as 'non-working' but the story led me to think it just needed TLC. I was lucky - a good cleaning and new thermal paste on CPU and GPU restored function. I needed to buy a battery, but was happy with the charger.

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