Quick Question: MoBo LEDs should light w/o components?


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I think my old MoBo spontaneously died after 6 years of rock solid (overclocked) performance.

Tested the old (Platinum rated) PSU and it appears to be okay. I plugged another PSU (350watt) into the 24-pin socket, switched it on, but I get no indication of power (IIRC, there is a power LED on the board as well as a two-digit Error Code LED.) I tried the power switch on the PC and the MoBo itself has a Power button on it for quick testing, which I also tried. Nothing.

Q: Shouldn't I get AT LEAST a lit power LED if the MoBo is okay? Or might a bad component stop it from lighting up? Do I need to plug-in more than just the 24pin connector to get ANY indication of power?

I'm considering replacing JUST the MoBo for a temporary Quick Fix, but don't want to throw money away just to discover my MoBo wasn't the problem in the first place. :(

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Thx for the reply.

The Motherboard is a Gigabyte Z87X-UD4H.
CPU: an overclocked/watercooled i7 4770k (4.3GHz)
Memory: 4x4GB (16GB) G.Skill DDR3 2133MHz
Everything plugged into an APC brand 1200watt UPS.
Primary SSD and one HDD tested on another PC. Were not damaged.
OS was 64bit Win7 Home.

Computer ran rock solid for 6 years, then spontaneously died w/o warning on July 2nd. I have yet to figure out why.

I tested the PSU (a Corsair 860 Platinum) and it appears to be fine. I plugged an old spare 330w PSU into the MoBo but got no lights or any other indication of life (PSU switched on. Tried power switch on both the PC and button on MoBo.)

Mixture of SSD and HDD drives.

Any ideas? Thanks for the reply.


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Are you sure the 330w power supply is working, and if so, 330w is not even close to nearly enough to run your system. And, what GPU do you have? (If you have one)


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The only other way I have of checking the old 330 is the same PSU Tester I tested the 860 with. Tester said it's fine, but there was not a significant load.

However, regardless of the load, all I needed was to see if any LEDs on the MoBo came on (IIRC, there is one bulb on the board somewhere that lights when the board is plugged in.) Nothing. No lights. No beeps.

Thx for the reply.