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Sep 23, 2006
  1. My Quicken 2006 (now 2007) network connection has not worked since a spyware/malware attack a few weeks ago. I used this forum to get a fix to a different issue related to the attack (Thanks!) but didn't realize at the time Quicken had been impacted as well. Quicken tech support has been no help so far - they think the issue is with my ISP. Two issues with that - I can access www.quicken.com fine from IE, and I had no issues prior to the malware attack. SInce the network connection from within quicken uses some level of secure connection, maybe that is what go hosed up from the malware attack? Any suggestions for trouble-shooting would be appreciated.
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    Your browser needs access to ANY IP TCP ports (80,433) and UDP 53
    If you access a url like ftp://xxx,
    then it also needs inbound TCP ports 1025-65535
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    Quicken network connection problem

    Thanks for the reply. Bear with me as I get some clarification. The problem I am having is from within the Quicken software. After its launched, when I attempt any "Update" function, such as try to access "Bill Pay" or "Update Portfolio on Quicken.com", when the software attempts a network connection, it fails. To my knowledge, this does not include any interaction with my browser software (Internet Explorer), but I could be wrong. It appears to trying to establish a direct connection to Quicken's servers using my internet connection/ISP. One of the things they indicate my be causing a problem are changes to your system made by a recent spyware or malware attack. How would I implement your suggestions in this context?
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    the generic rule to allow all/any programs access would be (depending upon your specific firewall)
    allow outbound any ipaddress, tcp protocol, ports (80,443) AND
    allow in/out any ip, udp port 53​
  5. bkdickard

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    quicken network issue

    Thanks for the clarification. After investigating this further, I think I have found the root cause of the issue impacting both Quicken and another web service program I run. I'd like to close this thread and post my issue under a new thread.
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