Quirky W98SE fresh installs: missing .dll's, etc

By CactusPatch
Aug 23, 2006
  1. I know, "98!! Get a rope!" Well, I have the disk (98 Plus, SE) that came w/a PII no-name desktop, with NO AUTHORIZATION NEEDED. I don't feel the need for all the speed, etc, of new systems, and it has been doing quite nicely for the last 8 years. It's been put on several older PII and AMD K6 towers, and several laptops (of some previous experience) of mixed breed: HP, Toshibas, and Dell C600. Needed a few drivers for the Dell install, but worked fine till the HD went South. Obviously I have an affinity for low tech, and less expensive, equipment, and expect to have problems on machines with more horsepower. But not in places that went smoothly before?

    Now, when attempting a reinstall on the Dell, w/good HD, I got notice of missing .vxd files (vnetsup, vnetbios, vredir, and dfs) plus a host (20) of .dll files, and a scattering of .exe, .sys, and .sam files.

    I also get same notice when reinstalling (newly formatted drive) on a machine that I had no problems with before.

    Very frustrating, and am beginning to wonder about moving to W 2000 if I can't get 'ol faithful back in action. (I suspect it's me, more than the program. I'm ready for the treatment, doc.)
  2. Ididmyc600

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    Hi Catuspatch,welcome to the Techspot Forum

    You put 98SE on a C600, shame on you .... I have 1 of these (check the sig) and its XP complaint, Mind you you admit trouble getting the drivers, so i'll let you off.

    As for your problem, I think its a memory issue, as with all OS installs they copy the file to memory before writing it to the disk, and along with faulty memory comes faulty installs.

    I must admit though its been a while since I installed 98 on any machine, so it may just be a bad CD, Try booting from the CD, choose to boot with CD drivers, fdisk the drive and create a partition, then make a directory called "Win98" and copy the CD Win98 folder into it.

    Boot from the HD and run the setup in "Win98" if the errors stop then its a bad disk, assuming you were able to copy the files from the CD in the first place...

  3. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Before copying, type verify on in the command prompt so that it checks if the copying was correct.
  4. Ididmyc600

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    Oh yeah I forgot that, isnt the command "copy *.* /v "??

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