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radeon 7500 drivers

By drmor80
Oct 6, 2003
  1. I installed a radeon 7500 video card the other day. I play everquest. When i logged onto the game for the first time with new card it acknowledged the new card and told me that it is recommended that i install driver 3286 or 7189. I have looked for those drivers using a google search and also at the ati site to no avail. I have downloaded tha latest ati catalyst driver ( which i am using now), as well as the latest omega driver ( v2.6.18 ), which seemed to work best althogh i still did have lag in some zones.
    The reason I bought the card in the first place is to reduce or eliminate lag completely. Can you help me find the eq recommended drivers please?
  2. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 4,572   +65

    Using different drivers will most likely not fix your lag problem. The drivers you using should be fine, since the latest catalyst drivers usually offer the best blend of compatability & speed.

    The speed at which everquest runs depends upon the rest of your system as well.. The hard disk, memory and CPU play a vital role in that game.

    Everquest in particular uses a LOT of memory and accesses the disk quite often. If you are experiencing lag, I think this would be the first place to look. That and your connection to the Internet. If you are using 56k, many games will pause when your connection cannot keep up. This kind of lag cannot be fixed by hardware upgrades.

    What are other system specs? How much memory & how fast is your system?

    If you think it is the video card itself, then a way you can test this is to lower the resolution and detail texture settings on the game to lowest level possible. See if this helps. At 640x480 with low textures, it should run smoothly if your video card is to blame. Geometry settings like shadows, object complexity, particles etc.. Are CPU dependant and lowering these things will let you run the game on a lower-end CPU system.
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