Radeon 9600xt problem

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Feb 16, 2007
  1. I recently replaced my radeon 9250se with the radeon 9600xt. and the problem I now have can be seen here http://www.nimiy.com/monitor1.jpg and here http://www.nimiy.com/monitor2.jpg

    I need to add that the problem occurs as soon as I start the pc. but not always. usually it does but not every time. then when it does what I do is to switch the computer off again and then switch it back on. often this would solve the problem already and the pc will start normally showing no trace of the problem. after which I can use the computer normally, play games, anything without no visible problems at all. I can use the computer for all day and no problems would occur. even if I restarted the pc it would still work the same fine. but as soon as I switch the pc off then if I switch it back on the problem usually appears again. but not always.

    anyone have any ideas. could it be that my power supply is too weak? it's 300W.
  2. Rick

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    Given the randomness of the problem, I certainly would keep PSU near the top of the list. However there is some consistency, which makes me doubt the PSU is to blame, because you can turn off your system and boot it back up.. play games.. and it runs just fine.

    You should also consider that your 9600XT may be defective. I would take it back to the store first, before you waste time trying to troubleshoot it. If you get a replacement with the same issue, then we can be fairly certain its not the card.

    If you can, get a different brand of 9600XT or even a different chipset to also rule out the possibility of that particular graphics card being incompatible with your board (It shouldn't be, but this is always possible due to the buggy nature of computers)

    Other than that, I cannot think of much else to explain it with. You can try changing options in your BIOS to be more 'safe'... Such as disabling AGP 8x and disabling fast writes etc... But this is just straw-grabbing.

    One more idea, actually. If your system is over clocked in any way that may increase your AGP port speed, you could have similar issues. Make sure you set your CPU, FSB etc.. clock speeds back to 'normal'.
  3. sisoruen

    sisoruen TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thank you very much for your suggestions. what I did was to set the bios settings back to default. I don't really know if that helped in any way but the problem haven't accured yet since then. but then it's also true that in this time I only switched off the computer twice. so, lets see if it will behave from now on...
  4. HSC

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    Did you uninstall the old graphic card drivers before you changed it to the new one ? if you did not then you will have two different sets of radeon drivers installed ? could the problem be that occasionally the wrong driver is being loaded ?

    Just a thought

    Cheers HSC
  5. sisoruen

    sisoruen TS Rookie Topic Starter

    the thing is that this problem starts as soon as I start the pc. so, before windows start. so, I don't think could be the drivers problem in this case.
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