Radeon 9800 weird probs

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Feb 4, 2005
  1. hi all at tech spot. Basically I am having a few problems with my computer but cos this forum is for the graphics card I will start of there. I have a radeon 9800 128 MB Graphics card and I seem to be having a few probs with it. I have a p4 with 2.4 GHZ 512 mb RAM and running off of windows XP SP2.
    Every thing was running fine till I went to play splinter cell pandra tommorow witch I had played b4 with no problems but now i can't get it to run. the game shows the picture of Sam fisher then itcrashes forcing me to shut it down via alt F4. I thought it was a one off but then I tried playing rollercoaster tycoon 3 witch I had played b4 with no problems and the game returns to windows but continues to play the music. I also started playing tiger woods 2004 and the game returned to windows and then i found that clicking the games icon in the taskbar and then continually clicking the mouse would return me to the game but every time the game loaded it would return to the desktop and i would have to repeat the clicking of the mouse. I set the game to 800x600 resoulution in the game and on the desktop and that seems to have stoped that but for some reason the games i have played before with no probs are now unplayable. i have installed the latest catalyst and drivers for the card but now it just gives me agro. should i consider getting a new card or can somthing be done. any advice would be great.
    Her is alist of the games that don't run but all did a week or 2 ago.
    Half life 2, Homworld 2, splinter cell 1&2, joint ops, farcry meed for speed underground 2,the sims 2. PLEASE HELP
  2. vegasgmc

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    Did you uninstall the old drivers before installing the new ones? Try uninstalling the video drivers and then reinstalling. You could also have a problem with Windows.
  3. dezel169

    dezel169 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Radeon 9800

    hi there i did uninstall the old drivers and then installed the new one's but it didn't work. I deleated every thing relating to ATI and then reinstalled the graphics card as if it had just been put into my computer but when i booted up and tried starting a game it would have a big black block and half of the desktop showing then it would just be a program running in the background i then have to click the icon on the taskbar and keep on clicking the mouse where the game will then start but the weirdest thing is this has only just become a problem and have never had to do this untill a few days ago.the biggest mystery is splinter cell pandora tommorow witch I played on this computer but now it just won't go. It seems like the computer just won't execute the games correctely. I thought it may have been a bug but I have used avg 7.0 and then I used spyware protection but they all say it is clean na d the scanners are fully up to date. Can someone pls help me solve this strange enigma that is really hampering my otherwise great computer many thanx.pls help me cos this is how I feel right now. :hotbounce
  4. Paul

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    if you want to avoid all the on going problems with the 9800's and still want as good or better a video card use the 9600 SAPPHIRE,many will probably disagree but try one,this one will run cool ! Take it back and tell them you want the card i mentioned.You will then be a happy camper taking it from one that has installed and used more than plenty,This card when set up right works wonders in my sons pc.he can play any game.
  5. Advance

    Advance TS Rookie

    9800 pro

    hi, wot drivers did u use exactly, and have u tried the omega driver, the performace drivers for ati and now nvidia cards.
  6. dezel169

    dezel169 TS Rookie Topic Starter


    I installed the radeon's latest drivers and catalyst from the ati website but the thing is when i first installed my graphics card i used to play farcry on the first driver that came with the card and it run fine. after i installed the new driver and it didn'twork right I deleted all the ati folders and reinstalled the old driver that came on the c.d but it's still playing up. every game I play won't execute propely and I have to keep on bashing my mouse button like a freak to get the game to run. Another thing that i forgot to mention was occasionly when i close my pc down I get an error message that flashes for a bout 0.3 ms but i managed to read apart of it and it says fatal runtime error and what the heck does that mean?????? another thing is my hardrive has started to make a strange clicking noise and I heard it might be on the way out. could that be y my computer won't exe propely?? PLS HELP COS I'M DESPERTATE. Typical my warrenty run out last month huh!!! :dead:
  7. Jon Mendoza

    Jon Mendoza TS Rookie

    same problem

    I'm having a problem like yours. I just installed a Radeon 9800 All in Wonder, and all the multimedia features work fine, but I can't get any games to run. the game will run for about two minutes, then the computer will either freeze, or my videocard will shut down and stop sending signal to the monitor. I've got the newest catalyst drivers and just upgraded to winXP SP2. if anyone can help with these problems, send me a PM or reply to my post. If i don't get any replies back in a few days, i'm returning this junk and going with nVidia.
  8. Paul

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    Its not a driver issue with this card,Its the way the card is built.
  9. Didou

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    There's nothing wrong with the way the card is built unless he got a defective card & there is no comparison between a 9800 & a 9600. If he got a 9800, he shouldn't settle for a 9600.
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