Radio is playing through my speakers but no programs are running

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Dec 15, 2007
  1. This is SO strange, started happening a couple days ago. I have AVG, winpatrol, zonealarm, and spybot. Everything is saying that my system is clear, no viruses. I can run hijack this if someone would want me to, however maybe someone's heard of this and can tell me what it is.

    I have NOTHING running except tskmgr. I just rebooted my system, I had taskmanager up to try to find out why my performance is peaking so much, seems like my system resources are really being taxed (I know when my computer "fan" or whatever is making noise down there comes on. It normally happens when I have lots of windows open that I'm simultaneously working in. I can understand that. But when no windows are open and nothing is running?) The performance should be next to just when I am looking in task manager to see what is running if anything, and wondering why my performance is so high, I hear a radio program coming through my speakers. I don't have any Cd in my drive, I haven't turned anything on. This has happened twice now, it comes out of nowhere. Sounds like a radio because the first time I heard a little music, then some DJ's talking. This time it was some programming.

    THIS IS CREEPING ME OUT!! Is there a virus on my system that is playing some internet radio station on my system without me knowing it??? Could that account for the performance issue? It was on for about one minute, then was gone. Now that it is gone, my performance is back down to normal, like between 2-20%...

  2. evilfantasy

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    What evilfantasy has said about sounds different because that is sent to the pc's internal speaker and what you describe is sound coming out of your pc's external speakers.

    The only reason I could think of something randomly playing itself is if there is a malware connecting to some sort of internet radio station, like you said, and playing it to you.

    It wouldn't hurt to put an HJT log up so we can look at it, follow these instructions and attach your log to a new reply in this thread.
    How to post an HJT log as an attachment
  4. almcneil

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    I would suggest running Ad-Aware 2007 (free) and AVG Anti-Spyware. Repost if you're still having this problem.
  5. ultraorange

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    Yeah I'm having the same problem on my parents computer. It's like I'm listening to an internet radio station. Stuff about moto cross and skateboarding and well it's dumb installing HJT now.
  6. ultraorange

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    Ok as soon as I ran it the music stopped
  7. damusca

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    HJT would show the exact registry entry that you need to remove and show your programme right away, I appreciate your frustration but the people above really know what they are speaking about and you should show a little more respect for their assistance, after all, they will show you how to clear and fix your system.

    Run HJT and post the report if you would like it resolved.
  8. hanming86

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    SAme here

    Yea i have this thing going on in my laptop too. What's interesting would be when i end process/kill the iexplore.exe in tast manager, the music stops.

    here's an attachment of the HJT log file in any case.

    Attached Files:

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    hi guys i also have same sort of problem just happened today, my nod32 for some reason went out of date ?! lol and seems to have let in something but mines not a radio site its little movie clips from internet sites one for instance has been and keeps playing a trailer of " the haunted " movie

    and in task manager there are loads of strange processes and also i have now fixed nod32 and it picked up 9 viruses but the problem still persits

    starting to stress me out now :p any help would be greatful i will try and get that hjt log file sorted now and post if in a bit

    thanks in advance
  10. jobeard

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    I'll give you one: While sitting at my system, if my cell phone is -just about to ring-,
    my desktop system with a Sound Blaster card will buzz the speaker system UNTIL the phone does actually ring.

    This is Radio Frequence Interference (RFI) and occurs when the signal strength is strong enough to 'swamp' the circuitry.
    (fyi: I built shortwave radio stuff in the past).

    Two conditions are likely
    1. you are physically located close to the radio station
    2. and your system is not adequately 'shielded'
    When you are very close to the station and it transmits megawatts of RF power,
    you are just out of luck -- it takes armor plating to avoid RFI in that case.
  11. Cybergus

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    ctrl+alt+del and you will find two suspicious processes: one is 8270.exe and when deleted the music stops which tells me VIRUS! Another one is 6770.exe
  12. Kasu

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    This is a common problem if u buy Logitech speakers i've noticed and it only seems to happen when a speaker is near an alarm clock, 4 friends and i all bought the same speakers Logitech 5.1 coz they where cheap and only 50$ for a set lol and they all do it. if they are sitting close to a radio or radio alarm clock.

    But so far i've only noticed that with logitech... still would be worth scanning over your computer just to be safe.
  13. surge7477

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    I ran HJT I sent it to trend micro I did ctrl alt delete no files that match cybergus this is so frustrating
    please help before its starts playing you can here the noise of a click like when you click somthing on the computer sry i couldnt find how to attach a file
  14. surge7477

    surge7477 TS Rookie

    how can I attach my hjt log ? sry im nt the greatest with comps
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