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RadioShack exploring sale or merger with Best Buy?

By Matthew ยท 40 replies
Mar 26, 2010
  1. Best Buy needs radio shack to deplete any 3rd party competetition in the wireless handheld retail market, from companies such as target, Walmart, hhgreg. i heard nytimes report the joint venture between the two would cost best buy an estimated 3billion$ i get the feeling they need each other not only the interm but long term as well.
  2. Radioshack can be a little more expensive, but associates for the most part are more knowledgable. When it comes to mobile phones, they want to buy Radioshack out because they are the cheapest. Rs is cheaper than Best Buy, Walmart, and the Carriers. Also, all instant rebates. Best buy doesn't like Radioshacks low phone prices and will buy radioshack to stop it.
  3. being the manager of a store i also can agree somewhat to what some people do say and feel about the shack but however may i point out that everyone remembers the old shack for what is was a place for certain groups of people to gather small electronic parts and kits to biuld there own stuff. BAck in a time when stuff was still american and there was money to be made how many small electronics only stores are still in buisness????? I get the same story all the time i used to go to so and so and get what i needed is that place still around and 9-10 times the anwser is no stores in that market the average customer buys less than 100 dollars a year and shops less than 5 times.....hmmmmm i wonder why we as a corp. decided to go another direction and yes most of our prices are a little high but again i would say that 7-10 employees now more about the products than our consumers do. Or most of our customers have no idea about all the options and can and cant dos of there product. I think to combine the 2 would be depending on how it is handled a great place to find the newest products and people who know how to use and or hook them up. You normally dont go into a radioshack and say i know how to do this i dont need your help if you did everyone would shop either online or at best buy...abc wharehouse ect. This is why we are still here and growing.
  4. Hey people are just getting to cheap that's why electronics just aren't good as they just to be that's also why all the other electronic stores have gone out of business before u know it walmart all be tbhe only store that all be left u know how much money is made on a tv that's on sale ure lucky if its 5% of cost....
  5. they have beeen unable to find a growth strategy for radio shack which is facing mounting competition from best buy wal-mart carriers and mass-merchants, radio shack is looking to sell itself to private equity investors or be swallowed by top electronics retailer best buy.
  6. this week radio shack begins to sell apples iphones in their stores in; fact with 3.000 stores selling iphones, radio shack has the most store-fronts stocking the popular smartphone.Wal-Mart sells about in 2.500 stores and best buy operates in just over a 1.000.
  7. I have worked for an independently owned Radio Shack Franchise store for 23 years. I will admit that Radio Shack has attempted to lead us away from the core products that brought in our customer base of do-it-youself geek type people. But as an independent store we can and do order many products from other suppliers for better prices so we can stay competative with wal-mart. I wish I could make excuses for the bad customer service but I can't. There have been many stores in small towns in our state that have closed because the people running them were a**holes. I am extremely proud of our customer service record in our store. 90% of the time our customers leave happy, even when returning a product. We go the extra mile to get the customer what they need if we don't have it. We don't have 10 cent resistors any more but they're still under a dollar. When you feel you haven't been treated fairly or helped by a sales associate to your satisfaction, you really need to tell corporate about your experience. Only the customers can help to make the improvements needed within the Radio Shack Corporation by keeping management informed about our short fallings. Be pro-active!! Get your dream Radio Shack back! Help us help you!
  8. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,425   +112

    I had managed a couple of RS and Tandy Computer stores in South Florida in the past. I would not want to go back into that nightmare company. I had taken two weeks off and they're suppose to pay me for them. But the slick way the company did business I got cheated. Before I had left the District and Regional Managers offered me a sweet deal to stay and I would get a brand new store anywhere I wanted. I still turned them down. By doing so the District Manager lost his title was now a store manager and was given a store in another county. Still I look back and how I ever worked for them. I really don't even go into the store anymore. Best Buy not the same to me. Seems expensive and the deals are iffy.
  9. Then why bother posting?
  10. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 12,497   +2,294

    Indeed. We should say the same thing about you, probably more so.
  11. the thing with radio shack is their a nice company but fail to cater to the masses its like the president of the shack said \these days its all about handheld wireless devices \ best buy could easily fall victum to more main stream mass retailers like Wal-Mart in terms of phone subcribers they would be wise to pick up the shack to withstand any outside competion in the wireless device realm sorry best buy, mobile best buy isn't gona cut it.
  12. The Problem with all of you is that you wish everything was free, I want 10 phones since they are free Why can't i get a free phone? Are you kidding me. Everyone is looking for the next cheap thing, if you want cheap things that will last you 1 week or a month buy on from ebay and stop complaning. I work for radio shack for 10 years and i get customers coming in here wanting me to make their school project for them, Look i gotta make a living I cant spend 3 hours trying to build your project and make $5 sales out of it. You want to build a project do some research "internet" find the parts that you need so that once you get to the store we dont have dont have to do the research for you all we have to do is find your parts and you'll be on your way out.

    Cell phones are the cheapest you will find at any retail store, I have had about 10+ phones since i started working at the shack, and i have never lost one or broken one and i get discounts. customers espect that phones should last for ever even when they abuse it by dropping it on concrete or pool of water, then they come in and espect to have another phone for free no charge. If that was the case why not just order 100 phones I mean they are free right? Stupid stupid stupid. Anyway they are some customers who understand the retail business and they just come in and be on their way if you dont like to give out your name then dont you are not being force to, but when you don't have your receipt with you and we cant find it because you never gave us your name dont cry about it deal with it. Next time you shop remember the more info you give us the easier it will be the next time you need to return an item.

    I love helping customers but i hate to be expected to have to deal with rude customers who comes into the store all ready to start yelling. I'll try to help anyone even if you are rude but if your attitude continue the same way as when you came in I will kick you out of the store and be happy that you will never come back ever again, i rather not have you as a customer.
  14. May 11, 2010 found out yesterday at staff meeting at Best Buy... company is NOT buying RadioShack.
  15. the shack is watching....
  16. Alot of people have bashed radioshack over and over again, but it is clear that these people are just ignorant. By looking at the numbers in terms of profit, Radioshack is one of the leaders in the industry. Not to mention it is a 3 billion dollar company that employs 35k plus employees and has been operating successfully for many years. Just because radioshack has abandoned the geeky project customer base, doesnt mean it is failing, it has adapted and moved on to bigger and better profits by targeting wireless customers. Making about 50 percent profit on the wireless customer and earning residuals as well changes the face and the entire strategy of the company. Customers can lack, but all the store have to do is sale a couple phones a day to stay in business and not to mention, they do quite well with other products as well. For those of you that havent stepped foot in to a radioshack in years, i suggest you do so. Everyone in the company from the CEO to your average sales associate knows where the money is and that is in WIRELESS. By training its employees thoroughly on its wireless carriers, and giving great commission based pay to them as well, no one should walk into a radioshack without getting a cellphone offered to them. With this type of motivation, training, profit and low prices on cell phones, I see radioshack a steady and firm player in the wireless customer field.
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