Rage slammed with negative reviews after buggy launch

By Matthew · 65 replies
Oct 4, 2011
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  1. I myself pre-ordered RAGE via steam, preloaded it from steam and activated through Steam and have been playing it without any problems what so ever. I built this computer just for Battlefield 3 and have been playing the beta since day one with the nVidia 285.38 Battlefield 3 Beta Driver. So it has to be some PPl's computer config or a GPU driver issue. At first I had problems with the beta driver but after getting support from nVidia, in which they told me to use Driver Sweeper 3.2.0 to remove all my old GPU drivers and it would also clean my registry, then do a clean install of the beta, to which I've had know problems since and still don't have any of the problems that others are having with RAGE..
  2. I think that, most consumers are spoiled by their need for multiplayer. This isn't meant to be Halo, or COD. I feel people expected it to be up to par in that regard, which is a pretty shallow assumption and basis to place upon a game. I've seen in plenty of reviews that no multiplayer or at least multiplayer exactly like multiplayer in all the "big games" is a negative thing. It's really not. Call me old fashion but multiplayer is an extra thing not a make or break for any game. Also ID stated that they would not be licensing their Engine to anyone. Besides that they can't license it without Bethesdas permission since everything ID is now owned by them. Is their flaws with RAGE yes. Is there flaws in every game, most certainly. I think we sit there nitpicking and pulling apart good games on comparing to other games. I find RAGE to be a wonderful addition to the ID game list. If something isn't broken why fix it. I want to play a game with corridors, suprisies, blood, gore, crazy stuff and Doom/Quake/Heretic like memories. RAGE certainly offers me that in every way shape and form. So personally i can't see why anyone sees it other then a rebirth of the doom like FPS. The real FPS in my book. Not these cookie cutter multiplayer centric bore fests they churn out every other month. RAGE is fresh restart to a greatly missed experience which should be appreciated and viewed as such.
  3. This is a great game if you're talking about the console versions, but for those of us who are stranded on pc, it's likely you'll be waiting a while to see this game as it's intended.

    Literally worse than Dead Island with bugs, which I'm starting to get sick of. Did the developers of this game simply refuse to test it out on a pc with average specs? Even people with more advanced rigs are having problems, and it seems like this could've been avoided by just trying it before releasing it.

    There should be patches for these bugs, of course, but really...20+ gbs worth of game and all I've seen is the intro and the first cutscene. This shouldn't happen.
  4. OutRAGE !!
  5. gingerbill

    gingerbill TS Addict Posts: 233   +59

    the masses are a few hundred out of the million(s) who bought it? . You take metacritic user reviews as a source to base an article on? sorry but they are a joke , surely you don't give any credence to metacritic user scores? it's a load of people rating a game either 0 or 10 , usually a load of angry trolls rating it 0 , most of them having never played it. I cant remember another headline on this site based on user scores on metacritic. Lots of game's have similiar user scores now as the internet is full of angry little men.

    I apologise for calling you a liar , you just used a stupid source to base a dramatic headline on. I still think it's out of order.
  6. More negative than positive after playing through about an hour's worth of the game so far. I fortunately have not had the screen tearing issues that so many others have had (GeForce 560)... /shrug. The lack of graphic settings surprised me. I actually spent some time looking around to see if I was missing them. The visuals overall are pretty awesome. The texture popping is annoying though. Turn to the left and everything loads. Turn to the right (where you were just looking) and everything reloads again. Uh.. isn't that common in a FPS? I'm no game developer, but this doesn't seem right. The linear aspect to the game so far is pretty bad. You simply cannot get lost. There's only one way through any area. The animations are pretty slick though and the overall gameplay (the shooting of things) is pretty fun. I'm glad however that I didn't have to buy this game. I think I'd be a little more jaded. Take that for what you will.
  7. We need Half-Life 3!
  8. LNCPapa

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    Isn't episode 3 scheduled for release first?
  9. Gamesinner

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    Been playing it for over a week now and I'm still loving it. Don't listen to all these nanny poo poo Call Of Duty children. If you loved the original Doom then you'll love Rage.
  10. from what i can tell, this looks like a less cartoony version of Borderlands, which is indeed of recent memory
  11. I finished Rage.. gameplay for kids. Mediocre, like most of id’s games since the days of John Romero. Ridiculous challenge, good fun, but always look superb (90´s era).
    Now, Rage.. I spent each level, the textures come to confuse you! this would be a stone? the bush like a rocking serrated, there is no life in the environment, nothing responds to shots, everything is glued with super glue!
    And my god.. some local color, texture reminds imported (tile art compatibility) the solid shadows seems painted in the corner! and nothing, not your character or enemies, suffer the effect of darkness, only a light + light- horrible.
    Rage you can configure as you please, do not waste your time! the textures are not good, blurry.
    never pre-order.
    id never.
    I still have more Skyrim on pre-order.
    I think ZeniMax.. going to make me his ***** in 2011.
  12. Well, I finished the game yesterday and had a lot of fun! The only issue I came across was the stuttering sound from time to time related to the cars engines! On the other side I have to acknowledge that the game is a "copycat" of "Borderlands" (which I enjoyed a lot!) at 90%! If you only play some of the side missions and mostly play the storyline, the game is incredibly short having in account the 18 GB and it ends unexpectedly (at least for me!) suggesting that there will be a "follow-up" or "expansion" that will pick the story where it's left! If not, then I'll have to admit that it will look...UNFINISHED!
  13. Matthew

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    Your logic is flawed and you're twisting words to make a point.

    A) Yes, a sample of hundreds or thousands of user reviews can certainly represent a larger crowd. This applies for most scenarios. For instance, there are actuaries that indicate every protester or rioter in the streets represents a far greater number of people. Your logic: hundreds or thousands of paying customers don't represent the market at large, but a handful of critics that get free games do.

    B) I didn't base the article on user reviews. In fact, there's triple the text dedicated to professional reviews: one totally lambasted the game, one was more negative than positive, and the last gave Rage a mediocre rating. The headline was (is?) fair and I still stand by it. You're certainly welcome to your opinion, but try to be accurate if you're going to call me (or anyone else) out on something.
  14. In all honesty did anyone expect anything different? This game in my opinion is just Quake 5, without the Q name. The racing aspect added is a surprise and once modders and developers start working on the online modes the game will be solid to play. It is nice to have a game that isn't "modern" war like for a change. Sure, this game should be $40USD, not 60.. but I am sure it will drop soon.
  15. Couldn't agree more. Definitely Borderlands-esqe, right down to the job boards. Borderlands was better.
  16. I just finished playing.... and I have to say that this is a seriously good game. The negative reveiws are very harsh and although similar this pi$$es on Fallout. (Except when you nuke Megaton) That can never be topped! ;o)

    Anyway easy an 8.5 out of 10. If not for the few small issues I would have given a 9.

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