RAID 0 and 2.5" Laptop Drives

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Jun 16, 2009
  1. Anyone out there experimenting with RAID 0 and 2.5" 7200 RPM laptop drives with a decent (3Ware, Areca) controller? Just curious what someone might hit on benchmarks vs. 3.5" drives.

    Just trying to save on electricity where I can, and I know laptop drives use very little on spinup or idle.

    Thanks for any info.
  2. jobeard

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    don't use RAID-X on a laptop!!! real bad idea.

    search this site for raid-0 and see all the issue raid-0 creates :(
  3. Savage1701

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    Jo - my post must not be clear. I am not talking about using them in a laptop. I'm talking about using them in a server system as online storage with a 3Ware or Areca controller. I know RAID 0 is not dependably safe.

    I want to know if anyone has benchmarked a RAID 0 array of 2 or more 2.5" 7200RPM or even 5400RPM laptop drives. I want to use mine for a BeyondTV server. Again, I don't really care about reliability; if I lose a week of TV programs it's not a big deal.

    What I need to do is be able to reliably write about 10-15MB/S to the array. That's not taxing for a 3.5" drive but that may be pushing it for a single notebook drive.

    I do care about power consumption. BTV servers are notoriously impossible to put into sleep mode and have them wake up and record a show and go back to sleep. In short, the server needs to be active all the time.

    Basically, without arguing all the fine points, I can run 5 or 6 laptop drives and have the power consumption of 1 regular drive. Is it more to go wrong? Sure. But 6 500GB 2.5 drives won't cost me much more than a 1TB and a 2TB 3.5" drive set would, and now I'm using even less power since I have to have at least 2 3.5" drives to get the same storage space, even if I went with 2 1.5TB 3.5" drives.

    So, again, my question stands - anyone benched some laptop drives in RAID 0 arrays on a good controller? And what numbers did you get? Thanks.
  4. jobeard

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    OK :)
    ok, but unusual :)
    that IS a real problem
    most laptops are severely limited in power availability :( very unlikely you'll get that many attached. You will need an external enclosure (with power) and that will then be a USB attachment. Raid-0 via USB ??? have not heard of that personally
  5. Savage1701

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    Jo - are you doing this on purpose? What laptop holds an Areca or 3Ware x8 RAID card, or is used as a power supply.

    Please don't reply to my posts with nonsense answers.
  6. Savage1701

    Savage1701 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 153

    Read my post - "server system" does not, nor has it ever, equaled "laptop" by any definition.
  7. jobeard

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    apologies :eek:

    I read this and didn't relate to the 3ware/Areca devices. Even with 37 years of experience, I at least don't have a memorized complete list of m/b, pci/video cards and/or any other set of adapters -- sorry

    btw: ANY system can be used as a SERVER, even a laptop. Client vs Server is a usage statement, not a hardware implicit definition.

    I will be sure not to bother you any further.
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