RAID 0 Question - 2 x 500GB WD Blues on 3Ware 9590SE Controller

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What sort of sustained read and write speeds might a person expect if they RAID 0'd a pair of 500GB WD Blue HD's on a SATA II capable x4 3Ware 9590SE controller?

Just wondered what I could expect.

And yes, I undertand failure / lack of fault tolerance issues with RAID 0, etc.


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I've run raid 0 for years and never checked speeds just used the fastest Hdd (now on sata2) and compared to a single O/S Hdd setup is miles faster and data storgage it very fast ,like for video encoding.
But i guess its gotta be double if not faster ,some of my data transfers from O/S Hdd to another Hdd were upto 64 M/b others 15 M/b.
I guess do raid 0 if you dont mind the possablity of data been lost due to possable raid or hardware failure. But raid 0+1 (using 4 Hdd's) is better back up than no backup.
Overall speeds vary with data transfers around the motherboard ,cpu ,ram and drives.I suppose you could guesstimate speeds but it will still be faster than one Hdd.....hope this helps
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