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RAID external enclosure - advice?

By Indifilmz
Jan 13, 2008
  1. Hey guys,

    I do video editing and needed to get extra storage, so I thought I try and get 'future' ready and get the system working for some higher end video edits (which I actually have lined up to use - on short non profitable films but none the less). OK, so wanted the highest possible HDD speeds without much money... (I lost some of you here already ;)) To top it off it needs to be 'safe' set-up, so RAID 0 may not be the choice.

    SATA was the choice from the start (budget being the main reason) and I checked the specs and speeds I need... Xena systems requirments for HD is 400MB/s... crazy ha?! But some companies promise this with their external enclosure 8bay SATA RAID 5 set-ups?! HOW? I have no clue... but thought I try and built one myself (Cause I don't have $12K to buy theirs!).

    OK, so I bought a RAID controller card - HighPoint RocketRAID 2322.
    Now I am shopping for an external enclosure. I think I must go for 8 bay (anything else is too much $$$ and 4 or 6 wont be enough to get the speeds even near HD video editing). The choices in these are not that big .. but there are some.

    These guys offer the cheapest option (id have to ship it to Brisbane AU):

    The specs say: Two Infiniband Multilane 4X 4-channel SFF-8470

    There are some on ebay - that have direct eSATA connections on the back - direct to HDDs...

    And then there are some that have port multipliers - like the Enhance suggested by the RocketRAID http://www.hptmac.com/US/product.php?_index=23&viewtype=enclosure#

    Do you know which to recommend that won't set me back too much money? What is better, port multiplier or multilane?

    Once I get the enclsoure, i will get the cable and then HDDs... :) 1TB is all I need on a safe RAID (so RAID5 or RAID10 - with 1TB as final end sum).

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