RAID problem- Abit KV8-MAX3- Correct Drivers?

By Thira
Dec 3, 2004
  1. I had been having problems with Windows XP Professional- blue screen crashes. So I decided to do a fresh install of Windows XP Pro. First I updated the motherboard BIOS to the latest, 23. Next I booted, hit F4 & entered the RAID setup. Previously I had RAID 0, but I deleted the RAID, did a low level format of both hard drives from the RAID setup, & then created a RAID 1(mirrowing). In my motherboard BIOS, the Hard disk priority is set to "on chip SATA RAID". My serial hard drives are connected to SATA 3 & 4 on the motherboard.
    Next I rebooted with my WindowsXP Professional CD loaded, and came to Windows Setup, pressed F6, then "S" when prompted and loaded VIA Destination version 310E SATA drivers (which I downloaded fron VIA's web site). At the Windows Professional Setup screen, "To Set Up Windows Now, Press Enter" which I did. "Setup did not find any Hard Drives in your computer " is what I got. In the BIOS, there are no hard drives listed.
    Can anyone advise so that I can load my OS & get my system running again? Did I use the correct RAID drivers? Am I correctly set in the motherboard BIOS at Hard disk priority to "on chip SATA RAID"?
    On the original CD that came with the motherboard there are HPT 374 & HPT 372 drivers on the CD. Does SATA RAID ports 3 & 4 use Highpoint or the VIA SATA drivers?
    Thanks so much. I am about to start kicking the dog!
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