RAM problem

By kaitou90
Oct 17, 2007
  1. Why whenever installing the DVD burner into the CPU, the RAM will be damaged? My friends and even myself have this sort of problem. I have two RAM in my CPU, one is 128MB and another is 512MB. After I have plugged in my new DVD burner into my CPU, I switch on my PC. Then my PC's screen shows some sort like the DOS and only then I notice that my 128MB RAM was damaged.

    Does it mean there's a need to unplugged all the RAM from the CPU before installing DVD burner?
    Or may be the damage of the RAM is due to electrostatic?
  2. matav

    matav TS Enthusiast Posts: 144

    installing a DVD burner cant damage your RAM.
    unless you physically damaged your RAM while plugging the DVD burner in the CPU Cabinet.
  3. Tedster

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