Ram Problems...Pleaaaase help -_-

By DreamChaser668
Dec 26, 2004
  1. Okay, so I'm upgrading my 512mb memory into a gig. Originally, I had 2 X 256mb sticks. So, I went and got 2 X 512mb sticks to put in there instead. Now, they are sitting in there (took the 2 x 256mbs out) because it wont work. I've tried every combination I could think of...with 256s in, with them out, different slots, etc. It wont work! It keeps restarting before it even loads the desktop! The only thing I can think of is that its not shoved in far enough (but i put them in quite well). The other thing is that they aren't identical! I mean, they came in the same type of packages, but when I took them out, they are different...One says "win" the other "pc" and they are structured different. They don't level with eachother either. However, the packages are the same...pc2700 ddr 333mhz...if anyone could help me out I would be sooooo grateful. Thanks muches!
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    #1 can your mobo handle the 1.24 gig of RAM (2x512), *some* mobos can't and max out at a gig, Also some can often either display the fault you experienced or utilise only the amount of memory it is capable of from that supplied.

    #2 inserting memory really does take some 'oomph' and its best to make sure the modules are inserted the correct way around too! Match up the cut out bottom edges to the bay config. The 'acid test' of whether a mem module is fully seated is that satisfying "click" like sound as the retainer pegs on the port engage and lock into the cut outs at either end of the module.
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    Thanks tracker, that really helped. Actually, I found out (by trying different combos) that one of the 512's is different and defective (at least not compatible with my computer)...it wouldn't even get to the load-up page with that one it. However, the other works great, so I have to go ask them about that tomorrow. Thanks!
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