RAM usage and swapfile (XP Home)

Jan 30, 2003
  1. P4 1,8 GHz
    256 MB ram
    40 GB HD

    My computer just uses a lot of RAM, and I was just wondering why. On the attachment I've added a picture of my systray, it's in dutch however but it shouldn't be too hard to understand :)

    I asked a friend how much ram his computer uses, and he said 170 MB. So I was a bit stumped as how this can happen.
    The computer can handle it BTW, but it's very annoying since everything on the computer just goes a lot slower.

    On the picture you'll see that JBuilder and messenger and Opera is also running, I did that on purpose. When I close JBuilder the computer still uses about 233 MB, which is still too much I think...

    I hope someone can help me, and If you've got questions or remarks just reply.....but you got that part already probably ;)

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    Also, if you have disabled the Pagefile, or if you are using the tweak that loads kernel to RAM instead of paging, then it would explain the heavy memory usage. Those two tweaks shouldn't be used unless you have more than 512MB RAM.
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