Random BSODs, AMD64 System

By odc100
Sep 20, 2005
  1. Hi all, first post from me! Please move this post if its in the wrong section.

    I have a recurring problem with a system I put together about a year ago that is slowly driving me insane. The system in question is:

    ASUS K8V SE Deluxe mobo (Using onboard sound and LAN)
    AMD64 3000+ Clawhammer CPU
    Nvidia 6200 GFX Card
    Mentor Wireless card (Disabled)
    2Gb Crucial RAM (selected for motherboard)

    The problem in question is a recurring blue screen of death, with constantly changing messages and files at fault. I assumed it was a RAM problem until I upgraded to the Crucial and the problems persisted. The problem is strange in that it will quickly affect roughly 3/4 boot ups, and then the system will be (relatively) stable for days. For instance I can play a complete game of Dawn of War or Battlefield 2 with no problems.

    When I tested my old RAM it passed 10 tests of memtest86 with no errors, yet failed every Microsoft RAM diagnostic tool test and then it locked the sysem at around test 4. The new memory is exactly the same except it fails Microsoft's tests and doesnt lock up!

    The PSU is fairly cheap and nasty, rated at 550W (yeah right) and shows a 12V voltage of 11.7-11.84 usually. I have read in other threads that this could be a problem especially if the PSU is prone to voltage rail sag under load. Thats being changed soon to a much better model.

    Cooling is no problem, the CPU stays at a healthy 32C when idle and 40C or so when under load.

    Sooo... I have come to the conclusion that if it isnt the PSU, then I am very much looking at a new CPU or Mobo failing some driver or IRQ conflict etc. However because the BSODs seem to be so random, I'm hedging my bets towards a hardware issue. (Could be on board LAN at a pinch I suppose.) I have also re-installed windows once but no difference.

    I've attached my 5 latest minidumps, I can't make much sense from them namely because they are so different from each other (it seems to me.)

    All comments and suggestions welcome! Cheers, Owain.
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  3. odc100

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    Its pretty well documented around the net that the K8V is very very picky about the RAM you feed it.

    As an update Since I put the new Crucial RAM in this morning and experienced 2 of the usual crashes in quick succesion I shut down the machine totally for a while, then used chkdsk on all drives. The usual few errors and lost links fixed and my PC has been solid since then - even after a reboot or two. Ive also been playing BF2 a lot which is a pretty good stress test and its a hell of a lot more fluid with not even a stutter or hint of a crash.

    Might be getting better, but Im not holding my breath totally!

    On a sidenote ShadeZero - I'd try removing that Audigy card, amazing how those things have a way of screwing up systems. Somehow I dont think thats really the root cause of your issues though. Have you tried memtest86 and the microsoft RAM diagostic tool? It wouldnt surprise me at all if your RAM or a memory socket was at fault.
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    hmm...but I used to be like that too...until random stuff happened, and now prety much my compuer is ---> :hotbounce :hotouch: :darth:

    I played WoW, CS:S..everything, max res, and all that, no problems until monday...when i got the virus and cleaned it out..but i'll post all that in my thread
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