Random clicking and music playing in background

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May 10, 2008
  1. It pretty much says everything in the title. My computer will be sitting there doing nothing but idling and i hear random clicks (like mouse clicks) when my speakers are on even though i'm not touching anything, and some times random music starts playing in the background as well.

    This happens when no explorer pages have been opend nor any programs running.

    I've scanned with AVG, SB-Search and Destroy, PandaSoft Pro (no longer have it) and nothing is showing up. It's the weirdest thing!

    My HJT log is attached, Thanks in advance for any help. It's much appreciated (the clicking gets super annoying lol)
  2. TheFynx

    TheFynx TS Rookie

    Possible Fix

    I had the same problem and did some research on all the process running on my PC and came up with the following fix. At least it seems fixed for now. Check to see if you have any of the following files on your computer (most likely in the "C:\Windows\System32" folder)


    If you have any of these it's part of a malware (Not yet recognized by Symantec and other mainstream AntiVirus/Spyware removal tools) that can really mess with your internet and computer performance, plus I think it causes the random music and clicks.

    The best way I found to remove them was to go into services disable the .exe ones restart then delete the individual files (empty recycle bin) restart again and search the rest of the computer for any trace of them.

    I hope this helps!
  3. Blind Dragon

    Blind Dragon TS Evangelist Posts: 3,908

    If you do have any of those files, can you zip the file and email it to me so that I can get them into the proper hands. Click on my name and select send email to Blind dragon. Make sure to label what you are sending in the subject. I can open on a test machine and play with them as well as send to the people who make various anti malware tools
  4. K9houser

    K9houser TS Rookie


    Wow this is great I thought I was the only one with this problem I have had it for about a year now and I thought there was no way to fix it. It is so annoying. TheFynx I tried looking for those files that you said but I could not find any of them...any ideas?
  5. TheFynx

    TheFynx TS Rookie


    There is possible other names for the following files I listed, here is the other names they have been found under.

    - DPTRNOLAQC-420.PMS.EXE; QZHGJRXUA.EXE; 07571168.EXE; 34313061.EXE;15555568.SVD; 4F2CDC959D6FD58937D25DAF74770DCCB42865F52546A893F95DDA9239E2693A.EXE
    73069612.SVD; 83189292.EXE; DPTRDAEWUL-157.PMS.EXE; 37236211.SVD; 87344291.SVD; DPTREWILLB-360.PMS.EXE; 80492012.SVD

    - 75615174.SVD; 45531137.SVD; 66170251.EXE; PERFS.EXE.BK; 81257307.EXE
    08203227.DAT; DPTRDINMXS-810.PMS.EXE; 19820886.SVD; 12846746.DAT
    98298827.EXE; 72588798.EXE; 24224742.EXE; 90896325.EXE; PERFS.EXE__DELETE_ON_REBOOT; 76417782.EXE; 46228447.EXE; 97161661.EXE; 35363666.EXE; 05323459.EXE; 06573665.EXE; 21759087.EXE
    71393674.EXE; 50070798.EXE; 85101654.BIN; PERFS.EXE.OLD5857

    -87477296.SVD; 53462918.EXE; 19993874.SVD; DPTRDMQBBS-63.PMS.EXE

    -14002092.svd; BTUQDYMPY.EXE; 39410537.EXE; 39410537.EXE; 05178757.SVD; DPTRDMQWEB-140.PMS.EXE; WSERVING.EXE.DEL; 18739646.SVD; 79427135.EXE

    - 94330657.SVD; 48966329.SYS

    - 99761416.svd ; DPTRDPSWV-897.PMS; 40391025.SVD; DISCOVER[1].exe; 08989097.sys; 12526907.sys; 64562107.sys; 98489969.exe; 85104923.sys; 05644114.exe; TMP0_18599024324.BK; TMP0_412651705902.BK; DISCOVER[2].exe; 69210893.svd

    I have also discovered another file possible for causing some of these problems.

    Other Names it's known by
    - NDT.SYS; WMIPRVES[1].EXE; 59493876.SVD; 93211791.EXE; WMIPRVES[2].EXE; 31072677.SYS; 33201795.SVD; NDT2SUSPECT.SYS; 21338204.SYS; SAMPLE.SYS; 11446168.SYS; 88181595.SVD; 84733211.SYS; 79840294.SYS; ANDT.SYS; 78412226.SVD; DPTRDPYBEW-297.PMS.EXE

    I haven't found anything else related to this problem yet, I found some of the files on my laptop also and have them zipped up and will be sending them to Blind Dragon, hopefully he may have something that's helps if this doesn't.
  6. Blind Dragon

    Blind Dragon TS Evangelist Posts: 3,908

    I am pretty sure combofix or MBAM will take care of the files you sent me. However I will be forwarding them to the people who make these various tools
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