Random Lock-ups/Freeze-ups; is it the Power Supply?

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Dec 26, 2004
  1. pemdawg

    pemdawg TS Rookie

    Well, I got my board back, ASUS says it found no problems. I bought a new 550W PSU, and set everything back up. It froze a few times last week, but its been god since then. So I really don't know. I'm gonna chalk it up to a few things. I noticed odd CPU usage issues with Motherboard Monitor, so I sh*tcanned that, and it sems to have stopped freezing since then. Also after the PC got ccustomed to my new PSU things have improved a lot. I think its a combination of issues. But so far, all sems well. I will keep up with this thread probably as long as I have this PC, so please feel free to continue posting with your problems.
  2. pemdawg

    pemdawg TS Rookie

    Just had one this morning while surfing with Firefox.. Guess I can't blame the power supply. Maybe its a karma issue. Anyone else have lots of bad things happen to them leading up to the PC going down? I know I have. Money problems, unfulfilling job, marital strife, dead cars. Let me know.
  3. Deliver4nce

    Deliver4nce TS Rookie

    I'm having a similiar problem. My pc used to run fine until the other day when it just froze during a game. It happened more frequently after that, sometimes even when I start up windows. I can sometimes run the pc for hours without any problems but other times it can't last for 5 minutes, usually when I play music or a game. Temperatures seem fine, anything from 36C-55C. No error or warnings in the eventviewer, I'm stumped. Guess I'm going to format and see if it solves anything.

    P4 2.8HT
    Intel D865PERL
    Radeon 9800 Pro
    Soundmax Integrated Digital Audio
    512MB RAM (Don't know which brand - no problems on memtest though)
    1 x 120GB Seagate ATA 7200RPM
    1 x 160GB Seagate ATA 7200RPM
    300W Power Supply
  4. midiboy

    midiboy TS Rookie

    Ati ??

    Hi guys,

    is everyone having problems using ATI cards ? :p

    I have had similar freezing problems for the last 2 years now. This is a very familiar problem to me.

    My solution always has been to change the videocard to a Geforce. All problems disappeared. There were times where I could have openend a hardware shop at home due to the number of hardware components I had at home for testing. :p

    Right now I am again having this problem since I changed to a new PCIe system.
    What I found out so far is that it seems to be some kind of a problem between a TV card an ATI card and some kind of dualcore processing.

    On my earlier systems it was a combination of an ATI AGP card and a HT enabled P4. Now it is an ATI PCIe card on an AMD dualcore system.

    Same effects: freezes.

    On my old system the solution was to either deactivate HT in the BIOS or change the ATI card to a Geforce card. I chose the latter.

    Now on my new system I probably will do the same. The problem certainly gets better if I do not install the Hauppauge TV card but I am not sure if it disappears completely.

    I wrote ATI mails two years ago about this issue, they refused to accept it. Since the problem disappeared completely if I change to a Geforce card I always assumed it was an ATI issue. It could very well be a problem with ATI and TV cards only on dualcore systems or systems with HT active.

    I am just wondering why this is still an issue more than two years after I posted this thread in the AVS forums.

    Of course I had a completely different system back then but the main thing consistent over the years was the fact that a TV card was inside the system and an ATI card was used with dualcore processing active.

    This thread above is read only, it is in an archive ...

    If anyone of you has access to an ATI support person who REALLY cares, maybe he/she could drop him a line ? I am done with ATI support :zzz:

  5. KhuongPhiHoang

    KhuongPhiHoang TS Rookie

    im not sure why this problem is not solved either.

    ive purchased a new cpu+motherboard combo and used the old one to build a new system for my brother, he does not have this problem at all.

    i switched to a higher nvida card, and same problem. both cards on my brother computer will not cause it to crash.

    the only thing that seems to help is to NOT install the video card drivers, the screen turns off and on, rather than freeze, although it does freeze once a month or so, but most the time the comp freeze for a quick second and then the screen turns off and on.

    i pretty much replaced everything and im still getting the same thing, i just learned to accept it. the only it could possibly be is the monitor, and i have a hard time believing it could be the monitor. new combo, newer video card, new harddrive, new psu. the only old component i have is the monitor, ps/2 mouse, floppy, and some cables. switched from athlon xp to p4 HT, same problem.

    this sucks.
  6. midiboy

    midiboy TS Rookie

    Hi again,

    well, this time I really managed to find the cause of the freezes. It was the Hauppauge PVR500 TV card.

    As soon as I removed the card, the freezes disappeared. It did not matter on which PCI slot the card was. It shared an IRQ with some other component on each slot.

    Actually my old tvcard was from Pinnacle and I also had those freezes in that one, except back then they did not happen with a geforce card.

    So is there anyone using a dualcore/Hyperthreading system with a tvcard not having those freezes once in a while ?

    I guess I should try one of those USB TV cards ?

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