Random Restarts, Sometimes BSOD

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Feb 17, 2007
  1. Hey i need some serious support, i'm totally stuck and have no idea what's going on.

    While i'm running my computer doing what i do (at the moment it's just some light usage, installing stuff, iTunes, Firefox) and for absolutely no reason whatsoever my system just restarts, black screen and a bleep, just like when i turn my system on normally from an off state.

    I have write caching disabled as that seems to extend the length of time i can use my computer before a restart.

    Recently i tried installing Vista Ultimate as well and i got a BSOD every time i tried that, i'll try uploading some minidumps but could someone walk me through how to do it? i'm new to the whole dump thing and stuff.

  2. Rick

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    Given the BSOD and random restarts, I think the first place o look is memory.

    If you have two or more memory modules, trying using only one at a time and see if you can reproduce the issue. It could be an incompatible RAM module or a failed module... This will help you figure it out through trial and error.

    If you don't feel comfortable swapping around memory modules or would jsut rather not, the next best option is a memory diagnostic test such as www.memtest.org
  3. scherzo

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    The minidump location is found in the event log,

    start, control panel, administrative tools, event viewer, system, 'save dump' -you'll have to look though to find save dump.

    the save dump will contain the error, and the minidump, usually found in C, windows, minidump ( i beleive)

    to attach them, open a topic, or reply, under 'aditional options' manage attachments, a new window will open, browse to the location of the minidump, hit upload, repeat for ea. mindump

    close this window' -- manage attachment window

    then submit topic, the attachments will be there on the reply
  4. raybay

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    Hardware error of some kind, most likely. One or more defective memory modules, defective or corrupted hard drive, bad video card, bad cpu fan, bad sound card.
    First, I would run Memtest86 for four hours... or overnight... from www.memtest.org.. Then it is often useful to go back to fundamentals... setting up your system with Power supply, one memory module, floppy drive with MS-DOS or Windows 98SE startup boot disc. If it works, then change memory module. Still works? Add something and try to make it fail until you have ruled out as many components as possible.
    Run the hard drive fitness test from the website of your hard drive manufacturer... you will need the model number off the drive, and sometimes the serial number.
    Test the sound card by exchanging with another card. Test the network by changing out other communications units.
    Slowly, but surely, you will get down to a few choices with which you can deal...
  5. mowsey

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    thanks for all the replies, im' downloading alcohol so i can try memtest now :)

    Hmm i didn't think to do anything with my memory, thanks for the suggestion.
    i'm using my dual sided 512mb stick at the moment on it's own and i'm gonna see if i can run a game later so i can stress the hdd
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