Random Restarts?

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Jan 16, 2010
  1. So here is my story. About 2 weeks ago my computer stopped working. It would constantly reboot itself after maybe 15 seconds with no BSOD no anything. It was like someone pressed the reset button. Now I took it in to get repairs and it worked fine up until now.

    Ocassionally my computer will restart just like if I had pressed the restart button on my case it happens maybe a few times a day nowhere near as much is it did before. It doesn't give me a BSOD the screen just goes black the lights in front of my case kinda flicker (although a few times it takes a lot longer for it to restart. I'll also hear kind of a whirring sound in my case which i'm not really sure what it is). There doesn't seem to be any trigger for this as it's happened while playing video games, while watching a movie, while using Firefox, while just idling while I was at school. My current OS is windows 7 and I've heard some people have problems like this too with Windows 7 but I don't know if it's a OS problem or not.

    Does anyone have any guesses or ideas as to what it could be?
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    Give us your system specs including make and model of your motherboard, RAM make and amount installed, power supply make and wattage supplied, etc.

    It could be a) power supply, b) harddrive, or c) memory (but knowing PCs it could be anything).

    Do a harddrive diagnostics by using the free utility supplied off of your HD's manufacturer's website (I hope your system stays up long enough to run not only the shorter tests but especially the longer ones).

    If you cannot do a complete diagnostics you could slave your harddrive in another system and run diagnostics from the main harddrive of that system on the slaved one. The whirring concerns me.
  3. DM7000

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    Asus M2N-SLI NVIDIA nForce 560 SLI
    AMD AthlonT X2 5000+ Dual-Core CPU
    2gigs DDR2-800 PC6400 Corsair RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT 512MB
    CaseGears Black Steel 580W Power Supply

    I'm not sure if it's the hard drive as I tried a new hard drive and the system restarted half way through formatting. I'll try doing diagnostics anyway though but my computer is rather random I've had it stay on for around 7 hours while I played video games yet sometimes it won't last 20 minutes while browsing the internet.
  4. Route44

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    Three things to consider:

    1. Asus makes great boards but they are notorious about being very picky about the RAM that can be installed on each and every one of their models. Corsair makes excellent memory. However, make sure if your particular model of Corsair is approved for use with your particular motherboard model.

    2. Check the RAM voltage set in your BIOS and compare it to your manufactur's spec parameters. We've seen this problem a lot and sometimes all it took was to set the voltage to the memory requirements.

    3. With few exceptions, power supplies that come with a case are garbage. Just because it says it puts out so and so power doesn't mean it actually does. If you have a multimeter you can test whether or not your psu is good.
  5. DM7000

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    Well I've had the computer for about 2 years and I've never messed with anything in the BIOS and the RAM has always worked flawlessly. This error just suddenly started happening I'll try to check all those things. Unfortunately I don't have a multimeter so I can't really test my power supply.

    Thank you for all the help.
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