random thermal shutdowns

By mhamilton
Jun 24, 2005
  1. I've got an odd problem with my office computer. It's a P4 2.8GHz, on an
    Intel board, less than 1 year old. Just last week it would start shutting
    off at night, and start up with a thermal error. After a week of doing
    that, it began to shut off immediately after logging into Windows. I could
    start it up and stay in the bios viewing the temps without it shutting off,
    and the temps stayed just under 100 F.

    First I cleaned all the fans and heat sinks. That didn't seem to help at
    all. I pulled the heatsink and found the old thermal grease had dried up.
    Cleaned it off, applied new, and seated everything. Also reseated the ram
    just for good measure. Turned off bios control of the fan, and even flashed
    the bios with the most recent update. Now the computer is back to staying
    on all day, but shuts off at night. I installed the Intel monitoring
    software for Windows, it never reports an increase in temperature above 95
    F, and doesn't ever log an error of overheating. The heatsink is not at all warm to the touch.

    The ps voltages are listed as just over 1/10 from the expected values.

    My first thought was that the motherboard thermal sensor had gone bad, and I was going to replace the board. I did a little searching on this problem, and I see claims of bad boards, processors, heatsinks, ram, or power supplies.

    Any suggestions on what might be causing this?

    Thanks in advance,
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