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Aug 24, 2007
  1. Ok, my laptop is only about a few months old, a DELL INSPIRON 6400, real nice piece of work, especially for a dell. As of now, it has plenty of free hard disk space (100 GB)and 2 GB of ram. It was working fine for the first few months, but the past week or so it has become randomly sluggish with regards to typing. Whether on Internet browses or even on notepad, it goes a few seconds of normal speed and then slows down tremendously and goes back again. Mouse works fine when the typing slows down. I tried DeFraging, and running Spybot. Norton Anti-Virus is on. the computer is running 60 processes, 17,000 handles and 685 + or - threads. but for a Pc of 1.8 Ghz processing and 2 GB or RAM, that shouldnt be a problem at all.

    suggestions welcome.

  2. tipstir

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    Have you updated software or upgraded hardware prior to this sluggish typing? If you haven't then call up dell they'll either send a certified tech to your home or business. He or she might suggest that your keyboard be replaced or MOBO or both.

    PC might be 1.8GHz but if that's Intel CPU it might be using speedstep technology. That slows down the CPU to 800 to 900MHz to save on the battery. When you plugin to AC outlet then you go back to 1.8GHz. On AMD laptop you can use their software to bypass this and then use the CPU to the max sometimes over the rated speed. Trade off the laptops gets hotter.
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    The Dell Inspiron 6400 1505 has a lot of issues... Do you have the VISTA version or the WXP Professional version. There have been many reports of keyboard problems... deserving of a call to Dell Tech support. I assume you are still under warranty, as it is a fairly new laptop.
  4. glowingnissan07

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    no luck thus far

    yes, it has WXP Professional. I tried uninstalling the keyboard and re-installing it, and i tried updating the drivers too, but to no avail. any more suggestions before i call for additional help?
  5. tipstir

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    Internal problem call tell and schedule a time for tech to come over or you might have to bring it into dell authrorize service center. Or you might have to mail it back to tell.

    If you want you can run the DELL diagnosic tool when you boot up the laptop press F12 yo should see it, if not then it got removed. I would still call DELL about this problem.
  6. raybay

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    If it is under warranty, get it into Dell immediately. That laptop has major issues. Get them straightened out before the warranty expires.
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