Rapid decline in Laptop VISTA

Feb 16, 2008
  1. Hi,
    Basic Laptop Specs
    ACER Aspire 4910
    VISTA Home Premium
    120 Gb HDD
    2 Gb RAM
    GeForce Go 7300
    Wireless Internet

    My problem:
    It has the usual DVD +/- drive on it and came with NEC burning software on it.
    Until recently there was no problem with the drive but over the last few weeks it wont recognise DVD's or burn DVD's.

    I have the laptop set up with a Dual Monitor as i am a software developer and code in one screen and test in the other. The laptop has GeForce Go 7300 128Mb graphics chipset and seems to work fine but all of a sudden it stopped woking.

    I also use wireless internet and everytime i boot up the laptop informs me that the HOTAPP keys have stopped working. The hot app keys i have are Wireless & Bluethooth. The bluetooth key has stopped working.

    What i have done:
    I managed to locate the graphics drivers for the Laptop and installed them and this seems to have solved the Dual Monitor Issue but it has stopped me playing Call of Duty.

    What i need help with:
    I am not fussed about the bluethooth but i am very confused about the "HOTAPP" key error and have never seen it before. any help on this would be greatful.

    My Main issue is with the DVD Drive as most of my work is too big for CD's and goes on DVD. I am absolutly baffled that the DVD has simply stopped working and very confused about this. The only think i remember was that it was working fully until i played Tomb Raider Anniversary on it. I also installed Dawn of War on it before i realised the DVD drive was not working.

    Do you think i should uninstall these games in case this is causing the problem or is it unlikely?

    has anyone ever heard of a Laptop going into such rapid decline like this.?

    Any Help Appreciated and thanks in advance.

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