Razer announces its Hydra motion sensing PC controller


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It's been over a year since Razer and Sixense partnered up to develop a "revolutionary true-to-life, next-generation motion sensing and gesture recognition controller for PC gaming." Today we finally get to meet that controller: the Razer Hydra. As you'd expect the new peripheral will enable Wii-like gameplay across a number of PC titles, but rather than targeting a casual-gaming audience Razer is promising to take accuracy to the next level for serious gamers.

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TS Evangelist
Looks interesting, as long as games that have support for it allow for analog movement rather than just walk/sprint. Lots of analog stick tapping in the Black Ops demo video.


More overpriced gimmicky cr@p......I bought a lachesis mouse a while back and it never worked correctly as it kept jerking around, such POS and support was so unprofessional. I replaced it with a 10 dollar logitech optical mouse and it worked right out of the box and better. Never again will i buy anything from this company.


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I must not be that far into the game... cause I have no idea how he's manipulating the boxes like that. But he doesn't have the potato on his gun... odd...


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You must have had a bad experience but i can see i bought a Deathadder 2 years back nearly now and it's probably one of the best gaming purchases i've ever made and still going strong now, never had a problem.

I watched the Black Ops video with the Hydra yesterday and to me it's just no substitution for a mouse, hardly looked accurate at all and in the heat of a quick-paced online battle it'd be a nightmare i reckon, for me personally anyway, each to their own though obviously.


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First I thought atleast someone cares for the PC by launching some motion sensing tech,but on reading the full article I realised that if it isn't wireless,then its simply pointless.. never the less good initiative on razer's part.