Razer invests in sustainable toilet paper to celebrate Earth Day


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WTF?! Razer is getting into toilet paper. While this sounds like a three-week-late April Fool's Day joke, it’s technically accurate. The PC peripheral company is investing in a bamboo toilet paper brand as part of a $50 million "Green Fund" supporting sustainability.

Sadly, the investment doesn’t mean we’ll soon be wiping ourselves with paper bearing the company’s Boomslang snake logo. As part of today’s Earth Day celebrations, Razer has pledged $50 million to support and invest in environmental and sustainability startups, the first of which is The Nurturing Co. that creates the Bambooloo toilet paper brand.

The Nurturing Co. writes that 27,000 trees are destroyed every day to make toilet paper. Not only is Bambooloo made from 100% bamboo pulp and is plastic-free, but it's also 25% more absorbent and 30% stronger than wood-pulp-based paper products. It notes that bamboo is grass and not a tree. When cut, it grows back, sometimes more than a meter per week.

“Together with Razer, The Nurturing Co. will bring our Bamaloo range of sustainable, less impacting products to an even wider number of consumers across the world,” said David Ward, CEO, and Founder of The Nurturing Co.

Like Apple, Razer is focusing heavily on green initiatives and corporate social responsibility. Part of its recently announced 10-year plan is for its entire operations to be powered by renewable energy by 2025. By 2030, the company aims to be 100% carbon neutral.

Elsewhere, Razer has helped save over 207,670 trees to date through a partnership with Conservation International, the result of its Sneki Snek campaign that sees ten trees for every piece of merchandise (plushies and head pillows) bearing its mascot sold. It aims to save over one million trees.

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Bamboo is pretty amazing. I put in some stranded bamboo flooring about 5 years ago and it's held up very well.

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A company that makes things out of plastic, throws all kinds of unnecessary lighting into them and charges a king's ransom for them is considered a "green" company?

That's it, we're doomed.