Razer's Zephyr N95 facemask sold out 'within minutes' of going on sale, but were bots...

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And they help make you sicker. What happens when you breath your own germs in and out all day. Sinus infections, lung infections. My doctor treated so many sinus infections caused by mask moisture than he could count.

Masks have a purpose, but won't protect you. The reverse pressure of breathing in and out lets air in through any gap in the mask. It's only as good as the filter and seal. The only thing that helps is distancing. And I'm happy to distance myself from people wearing masks. Because if you are wearing a mask, you are supposed to be sick.

Thankfully I don't waste much time with people like you anymore.
There is nothing wrong with trying to help others see your point of view. But when you are dishonest right to their face to do it, you just cause a deserved wave of ridicule on yourself.

This write-up is still considered one of the definitive articles that address that lunacy.

All in all, I still don't know which is more of a joke. The "masks make you sick" crazies or the people that buy these.
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