Razer's Zephyr N95 facemask sold out 'within minutes' of going on sale, but were bots...

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What just happened? Razer’s long-in-development facemask, the Razer Zephyr, finally arrived yesterday, along with questions over just how popular the $99 wearable would prove in a time when many places are dropping mask requirements, and the vaccine rollouts continue. It seems the company has little to worry about: it sold out within minutes.

It was back at January’s CES where Razer revealed it was working on an N95 respirator, which was then called Project Hazel. Like the company’s other products, it had the distinction of being packed with Chroma RGB lighting.

March saw Razer confirm that Hazel would become an actual product instead of just a concept, and the Q4 release date was announced a few months later. The mask also received a name change to Razer Zephyr in August.

Many people have been watching with interest to see how the Zephyr performs: $99 is no small sum, fewer people are wearing masks these days, and those sporting the sci-fi-looking device will certainly stand out in a crowd. According to Razer, the first wave of the masks sold out in minutes.

“The demand for the Razer Zephyr has been overwhelming and our first wave is sold out within minutes,” the company tweeted. “Stay tuned and [we] appreciate your patience as we work hard to restock them as fast as we can. Sign up to be notified when the next batch arrives.”

As with graphics cards, consoles, and a slew of other products, there are questions being raised over exactly how many Zephyr masks were available to buy and what percentage of these were grabbed by bots/scalpers. In the latter case, many responding to the tweet said they tried but failed to secure one of the masks as soon as they went on sale, suggesting the bots got there first.

Razer says the replaceable N95-grade filters on its mask have 99 percent BFE (bacteria filtration efficiency) and can filter 99 percent of air particles that are 0.3 microns in size, meaning there’s debate over its effectiveness at blocking Covid-19 particles, which are smaller than 0.3 microns but often bond to larger molecules such as water.

Those filters are surrounded by two large Chroma-compatible RGB rings with addressable zones that help illuminate your face through the anti-fog transparent front. There’s also a microphone and speaker, active ventilation that brings in cool air and releases heat produced from exhaling, an airtight seal to stop glasses fogging up, and a wireless charging case with sterilizing UV lights inside.

In addition to announcing Zephyr availability at its RazerCon 2021 digital event, Razer also revealed its new Kunai fans and PWM fan controller, the Hanbo AIO liquid cooler and high-wattage, Chroma-enabled Katana power supplies, all of which you can read about here.

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The detail of the mouth is just disgusting. And yes, most people are nuts in this world, so I am not surprised. It is the crazy market we have, unfortunately.
And the size of that crap is just unbelievable... and RGB AGAIN. Kind of cyborg you look!


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Covid is a precursor and a drill. When the global elites are ready to wipe out a class tier(s) they can no longer profit from, a far greater threat to humanity will be released in a similar manner to covid 19. At such time no one will have to worry about mandates to get a vaccine, but rather, how on earth they can get one at all and where they can hide from a truly awful menace that threatens the lives of even the strongest bodies.

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All the company cares about is making as much money in as short a time as possible. They simply don't give a hoot about the consumers ..... which is another good reason for not buying any of their other products ....


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Why would you get an N95 mask anyways, those are meant for health professionals in some conditions.


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So we know how to put the scalpers out of business now, don't we?

Make as many ultra-crap overpriced g@murzz-bling products as possible which scalpers automatically buy out but are actually so stupid that they'll never sell, sticking the scalpers with tons of worthless merch.
OK, if this is the US we're talking about, suburban teenage, goths, dissidents, outcasts, or pariahs, with "paranoid delusions of ninja-hood", will demand, (and get), one of these for Christmas, no matter how much the cost.

Then, they'll wear it when they shoot up their school in the spring.

You could probably "make a killing", (pun intended), on marketing matching RGB AR-15s and AK-47s. ;) ..
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A device for the ultra paranoid and a profit maker for Razer, nothing more. It's not going to save anyone from COVID, the virus is here to stay forever and will go right through the filtration medium. You cannot hide from it!

Please stop spreading misinformation. Masks stop aerosolized bodily fluids that contain viruses. The article even touches on this. It's usually a good idea to read an article before commenting.


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Let the bots buy, wear and suffocate themselves to death. And same goes to the so-called "scalpers". Razer = rip-offs.

And for the normal human beings everywhere, please wear *normal* masks. Better if wearing two.

Don't be stupid and arrogant. Covid is an "air-borne" disease. You should know better than going the anti-mask route, unless you are clueless and extremely dumb and stupid. A-holes.


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Good lord people are ignorant. The Flu, Covid, The Common Cold, are here to stay. I've not worn a mask yet, whole family got covid and within a week back to working out and working. Got vaccinated. never once worried about the virus. More worried about the economy.

It perplexes me people wearing masks in their cars or outside. Talk about ignorance. I was part of of a vaccine study and the researchers just shook their heads at how ignorant people are. It's mostly all about politics and controlling people.


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Enough with the Fox News/MAGA misinformation. Masks can help control the spread of COVID by filtering aerosolized bodily fluids which contain the virus.

And they help make you sicker. What happens when you breath your own germs in and out all day. Sinus infections, lung infections. My doctor treated so many sinus infections caused by mask moisture than he could count.

Masks have a purpose, but won't protect you. The reverse pressure of breathing in and out lets air in through any gap in the mask. It's only as good as the filter and seal. The only thing that helps is distancing. And I'm happy to distance myself from people wearing masks. Because if you are wearing a mask, you are supposed to be sick.
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